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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nanepashemet Nod to the NCAA

The NCAA hammered Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program today because of the covering up and enabling of the child molester Sandusky.
I feel bad for all of the innocent people caught up in this, football players who chose to play for Penn State because of a storied program history, but I applaud the NCAA for its aggressive and appropriate action.
Did you see that.... Cardinal Bernard Law????  I give the NCAA a lot more credit than the Catholic Church, which saw fit to exile the good Cardinal to Rome rather than make him face the justice due for the victims of Law's policy.
Imagine letting Sandusky use the Penn State facilities for years after knowing what a pervert he was.... and imagine Law transferring molester priests from parish to parish just to keep the lid on the despicable acts.... causing more and more needless victims.  Both Penn State Football and the Catholic Church cared more for their image that the welfare of helpless victims that could have been saved.
The NCAA saw the criminal for who he was.... not only the molester, but also the enabler.  But the Pope wisked away the Boston Cardinal for the good of Holy Mother Church.
Penn State Football is not more important than one young kid who is psychologically mauled for life, and neither is the Catholic Church.

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