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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Losers, Pretenders, and Perverts

Now that this Blog has gone internationally viral, there are a ton of spam comments sent everyday. 
Some of the stuff is autodeleted but that still leaves a lot of sicko, perverted comments that I have to wade through..... not a good use of time for a Mountain of a Man.
Generally, I could care less how disgusting the spam comments are... I just don't want to accidentally publish them and violate the purity and sanctity of this pristine Nanepashemet forum.
So if you still have the need to comment on the wisdom and solace that I exhume here daily.... you'll have to join this Blog.   Naturally, anyone of you who joins will have your comments published unaltered, and in the pathetic form that you sent them to me.
For the most part, the Pervs and other Dementos are too cowardly to sign up and expose themselves, so this should take volume of Spam way down.
That will weed out the Losers, Pretenders and Perverts and save me precious and  valuable hours..... which I will convert to more of the thoughtful, insightful, and critical posts which you have grown to depend upon in guiding your daily lives.

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