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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Dog Taste.

The post holes at Tommy O's deck didn't go as planned.   Some big ass boulders only a foot or so down.   On one I drilled 1/2" holes with a masonry bit to pin rebar in the boulder and will hope that the building inspector lets this stand for the sonotube footing.  If not, we have a lot more digging to do.
After the footing holes, I went over to the Nanepashmet House and built the basement staircase railing.   Turns out, I had some nice pieces of meranti mahogany and some red oak in the garage.  These hardwoods always combine nicely and I was pretty happy with the way the railing came out.
It probably won't win a ribbon from the Woodworkers Guild, but it is solid Nanepashemet quality.   The tenants liked it, and their dog was a big fan.   And I liked their dog as well.

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