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Friday, March 16, 2012

Purposefully Pounding Palin

Last night, I took a little time from the salt mine routine to watch "Game Change", the HBO film about Sarah Palin's Vice Presidency candidacy.
Julienne Moore played Palin and the film producers made her up to look remarkably like the real thing.   Moore also seemed to nail her voice and characteristics.
And Woody Harrelson, playing a McCain Chief Political Advisor must have said half a dozen times that the Katie Couric interview was "Fair".   Ya Right...I'm sure the real McCain Campaign took it that way.   Don't get me started on the evil Couric.
Naturally, Sarah was portrayed as a dumb incompetent..... stupider than a lump of hardened modeling clay.
 I didn't buy it.
She was the Governor of a State with an 80% approval rating among her electorate.   Seems like the Liberals must be pretty biased toward Alaskans.
Note to Liberals.... BIAS IS BAD.  Eskimos are people too!
However, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.   Moore was totally hot playing the sizzling Hot Sarah.  That made up for all of the mind control liberal bullshit.

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