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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, overeating, tobacco.... these are the demons that we live with.
All of these things are used to ease the heaviness of life.... dealing with the emotions, fears, and uncertainties that we all face during this trial on Earth.
We all react with shock and sadness when those among us with the most visible gifts... wealth, beauty, talent... succumbs to the addiction. If it can happen to them, what chance do we ordinary mortals have?
Seems like most addictive habits are a misguided attempt to control our own lives.... to reach out and create our own sense of happiness, good feeling and peace, however perverted.   It is when we give up control, when we surrender our fate to God, a Higher Power, or whatever you believe in... that you can escape this destructive behavior.
Not easy to do.  R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

Tuna Lips said...Feb 14, 2012 05:59 PM
Use partial te hookers, myself.

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  1. Tuna Lips8:59 PM

    Use partial te hookers, myself.


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