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Saturday, February 18, 2012

BusinessTsunami in Process

I know that I've only made two Blog posts this whole week.
What part of "Business Tsunami" is it that you don't freaking understand?????
Nanepashemet Telecom is deluged with work and we are straining at the bit.  Plus, this is work from one of those big mofo international corporations who want you to take care of every little detail, who make you do things over because of their equipment malfunctions, and who think nothing of making you wait 90 days for your freaking money.
There are some serious jumping through hoops going on so that some corporate bureaucrats can check boxes and show progress in a huge database, destined for some forgotten digital archive a couple of months from now.
In Ninety days, we will be swimming in cash from this upswing, but until then, the theme of the day is "This Sucks".  As it is, I'm posting this from a site in East Bumphuck on the New Hampshire/ Massachusetts border, when I should be using this on-line time filling our forms and construction reports.
So consider yourself lucky that I take the time to address this pathetic Blog.  Things could be much worse.

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