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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Peeps -
So many of you have been pestering me about my New Year's resolutions. Not sure why... resolutions are highly personal, and the reolutions of a Mountain of a Man are normally unattainable by ordinary Peeps like yourselves.
But I know you.... you will fret, worry, and get really neurotic until you see what the MOAM has in store for the New Year.  So, regardless or how irritating it is, I will comply with your pathetic request and let you in on what I have resolved for 2012.
This year, my resolutions are about developing habits, not necessarily acheiving goals.
  • Get a burn in every morning, on the Cybex, Treadmill or a Harbor Row.
  • Practice Banjo and Guitar every night (after Joanne goes to bed)
  • Learn CAD and practice it every night (between banjo practice).
  • Process Mail and paperwork daily.
  • Archive Files and purge daily.
  • Eat sensibly and deny urge to eat carbs.
So if I develop these habits, the results should be that my weight trends downward, I become a closet musician, can design projects on the computer, and my office is neat and organized. 
And BTW....phuck the Mayans..... They can take their sophisticated calendar calling for the end of the world and stick it up their extinct asses.  I don't plan on cashing it in this year.
I agree that it sounds pretty boring... but it's my life, not your's.  Get your own Goddamn Resolutions.

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