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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner's Junk

I'm sorry, but I have to sound in on this Weiner episode.
I think that this whole controversy has God's sense of humor written all over it.  It has to be through divine intervention that we have this stupid scandal that involves a guy named "Weiner. "  It could only be better if his name was "Schlong."
And his suffering wife is the top aide to none other than Hillary Clinton, whose husband, Bill the President, liberated all of us who used to think that getting a blow job was having sexual relations.  I was driving in a California Bay Area canyon at 5:30 AM going to the airport to catch a flight when I heard Hillary proclaim that Bill didn't have sex with that intern and that he was the victim of a "vast right wing conspiracy".  
For some reason, that time and place is frozen in my consciousness.... along with the day I heard Kennedy was shot, and the Space Shuttle exploded.
This stuff could never stand as a work of fiction.  It's too unbelievable.   Thus, I leave it up to God to conjure up this shit.
That observation aside....
If a corporate employee was caught posting his junk on Facebook, he would be fired.
If a student was caught, he would be expelled.
If I was caught, my wife would slice my gonads cleanly yet painfully from my crotch as I was serenely snoring away.
But this Weiner says that he didn't do anything illegal, and won't resign his seat from Congress.
I guess he has been a faily outspoken liberal democrat from a district the includes Brooklyn and Queens, and he says that he will let the voters decide his fate.  In other words, he's pretty certain that a majority of his constutuents are pervs  like he is and will see him through this little junk bump.
Let's retrace our steps here.
A Congressman named Weiner sends pictures of schlong to a half dozen women on Facebook.
He lies and says he didn't do it, then cries and says he did.
But, no biggie. 
He won't quit the Congress and has his bet hedged that his constituents will "hang" with him.
I think I have it straight now.
This is a good one....What else you got, God???.

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