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Friday, June 24, 2011

Something Stinks

They caught Whitey Bulger.
As bad of a sociopathic criminal as he is, there is a lot to peal back here.
I feel bad for his brother, former Senate President William "Billy" Bulger and his family.  A lifetime of public service is tainted by this, and the burden lies heavily and unfairly with them. 
Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a great deal of blame in the criminal career of Whitey Bulger; using him as an informant, and tipping him off on the actions of the Massachusetts State Police.  I generally am not a big advocate of conspiracy theories, but it's incredulous that Bulger could live in Santa Monica for 16 years, on the FBI's Most Wanted List.... and the FBI just happens to capture him now.
Something stinks....  Actually, alot of this Bullshit stinks.  As time goes by, I have lost a great deal of respect for the FBI.
Bulger should fry for crimes.... and so should the FBI.

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