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Friday, June 03, 2011

Do the Time

John Edwards, the former Presidential candidate, is expected to be indicted  today because of misuse of campaign funds.   His wife died of cancer after throwing him out for fathering a child with a bimbo that he used campaign money to conceal.
Plus he's a Democrat.
Man... What a Mess!!! 
Apparently he is really scared about going to prison and was trying to get the Bimbo, Rialle Whats-Her-Name, to marry him so that a "wife" couldn't testify against him as a husband.   She probably planned to live with him in the Big House anyway, although the White House is not exactly the Big House domicile that they're heading to..
Advice to John.... Do the time.   Lose The Bimbo.  You don't get out of DoDo by piling on more shit.  And try to keep your Pussy Ass Face out of the media if possible.

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