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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Consideration for Bachmann

I saw George Stephanopoulos interviewing Michele Bachmann on Good Morning America this morning. 
 His obvious distaste of her picqued my interest.  A 55 year old three time Congressman from Minnesota who has seen 28 foster children pass through her home.  And a Tea Party leader who origninally broke into politics as a Jimmy Carter supporter.
No wonder George is annoyed.  Here is another viable candidate who outshines Obama on a cloudy day.  And Stephanopoulos is an Obama Butt Boy without peer.
A friend of mine suggested that I might enjoy a Michele Bachmann / Sarah Palin sandwich.  Just because I've repeatedly proclaimed Palin to be sizzling hot, I never suggested any impropriety, and I certainly hope that he has not gotten the wrong idea.  He must have been speaking figuratively... or maybe not.  I'll have to leave that thought alone for the time being.
I'll be watching Bachmann though.  She just might be worth the coveted Nanepashemet Nomination. 
You never know.

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