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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crime of Blood Doping

I was just watching Tyler Hamilton, the world class cyclist from Marblehead, on 60 Minutes accusing Lance Armstrong of using illegal substances and blooddoping.   Hamilton has an immunity deal from the FBI, and is singing like a lark.
Why don't the Feds attack the World Westling Federation about steroid use?  How else would those guys get so big and stupid?   Why don't they test hard rock bands for illegal drugs which would stimulate their guitar riffs and shreds?
Seriously, why should the government be involved in persecuting anyone who wants to screw around with their body for a sport.  Isn't that their right?   If others in the sport feel that it is cheating, then they have the ability to regulate themselves.  The FBI has no business in the sport of riding bicycles.  Or how many home runs an idiot can hit, or how fast a sprinter can run. 
Obviously, the FBI has its fingers in this mess for the publicity. They actually send people to jail for this stuff. How absurd!  I'm not in favor of the cheaters... but it's really none of my business, and certainly none of the business of the government that I support with my tax dollars.

The cheaters should be banned from the sport, by the body that governs the sport.... not the FBI.  Let the sport judge who really won the race.   Keep the freaking FBI out of it, and don't jail these idiots at my expense just to ice the cake.
If Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong choose to cheat, that is the business of themselves, their sport, and their fans.   The only time it huts me is when I have to foot the bill for the Federal Government to investigate and jail the participants.  And that is the real crime.

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