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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Denis Leary Doesn't Suck

In the new house on West Shore Drive, I have my own bathroom.  And Joanne has hers.   She gets pretty pissed off if I use hers, even though hers is bigger and I have to walk past it to get to mine. 
But in general, I'm pretty happy to be confined to my very own shitter.   I can't be blamed for misses or drips, because I never freaking use her toilet.
And I'm free to have my own reading material in my own bathroom.  Don't have to put up with Lady's Home Journal or Martha Stewart Living because she sees fit to toss my woodworking or sports mags.
But the bathroom is small with a small sink and stand up shower sqeezed into it.  Not much room for non-bath related paraphenalia.  I have room for one book at a time to be rested between visits on the window sill.
Of late, the book has been "Why We Suck" by Denis Leary.   Dave and Meghan Bruett bought the book for Ryan early in his stay at Fort Devins, and he shipped it our way as his collection has grown in his limited bunk space. 
Leary is an edgy comedian who grew up Irish Catholic in a Worcester, MA working class neighborhood.  He likes Hockey, the Red Sox, and has a kinship with firefighters.  All stuff that I can personally relate to.  He has a no nonsense outlook and doesn't suffer fools easily, which I like as well.
Plus, you can read a chapter of his book in one sitting.... so to speak.

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