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Sunday, April 03, 2011

ReAlignment and ReAjustment

The author's of this book claim that if you read and implement, you will be healthier, your relationships will improve, and you will be financially successful.
I bought it anyway.
Had the electronic version downloaded from Amazon to Joanne's Kindle and then synched it to my Ipod and read half yesterday.
So far, it had been quite an inspirational read.  I especially like the B-ALERT technique.
B - Make a Blueprint for each day.  Link to your goals.
A - Take Action.
L - Learn - Read about your industry 30 min./day.
E - Exercise - 30 min. per day. 
R - Relax - When fatique hits in the afternoon, Nap if possible for 25 Min.  Take a full day off per week.
T - Think -  Take the time at the end of the day to replect and evaluate what happened, and how to improve.
Naturally this habit has to be set over a well thought out series of balanced goals which cover your personal, career, financial and other areas of your life.  The goals have to be your honest evaluation of what you desire, and what action you will take to achieve your goals.
And it all has to be habitual.  There are no magic buttons to push  You have to do this stuff every day until you do it automatically.
What I like about this program is that it is doable and attainable.  It means that you have to reallign some of your behavior patterns, but not drastically.   The key is in the title... "Focus."
And even if some things don't improve, at least I'll lose some weight by junping on the Cybex every morning.
It's the first full week in April.  I'll check back with you on May 2 or so and let you know how this is working out.

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