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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pablum and Heating Oil

Once again, Joe Kennedy is asssailing the networks with television commercials starring him and picking out disadvantaged individuals and thanking the "people of Venezuela" for giving our poor Massachusetts families a handout of home heating oil.
Quell the nausea.
I'm not sure why this act turns my stomach so much.  Maybe it's because he's so obviously trying to talk down to us and forcefeed some bleeding heart bullshit down our throats.
It doesn't bother me that he pulls over $400k as a salary from his non-profit Citizen's Energy Corp.
Nothing's for nothing.
Which brings me to the question of who is really profiting?   And please don't repeat that "people of Venezuela" line.   They don't know us, and could give a shit less.   Why do the "people of Venezuela" single out us poor Northeastern Americans for their largess???  I mean, send money to Peru or Somalia or something.  Us New Englanders sitting in the richest nation in the history of the world have hardly put out the donation cup to Caracas.
I have no way of proving this, and probably shouldn't say it,,, but this is my blog, so what the hell!   I figure that Joe Kennedy has found a profit making revenue stream through his "non-profit", and needs to feed a mega political ego as a by-product.   There is a certain bleeding heart liberal constituency that feeds on the pablum that he serves and the circle is complete.
Plus some poor sick New Englanders featured by Joe on TV gets to be mortified before Joe saves them.
Call 1-800 JoeforOil,.... or set your browser to www.

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