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Monday, February 14, 2011

Access to Condoms

The debate is on today regarding whether or not students in Boston Public High Schools should have access to condoms.
Am I missing something here?
Can't anybody at any age stroll into the local drug store and pony up some cash for a Trojan Enz or two?   I believe they can.
So the debate isn't about "access to condoms" from the schools.  It's about whether the schools should distribute free condoms.   Clearly kids already have access to condoms.  It's really a budget issue.  Schools that can't afford athetic and sports, now seem to be able to dish out rubbers.  Go figure.
I personally don't see any morality issue here.  Just because a horney kid has a rubber, doesn't mean he is going to get laid.    It's the same problem that comes with Viagra.  You might have the ability, but the opportunity is a whole other matter.

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