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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not on Our Watch

This rush to point fingers at Conservatives because a sociopath decides to go beserk in Tucson is starting to get under my skin.  At least Nancy Pelosi hasn't blamed the Bush administration yet.... but maybe I'm speaking too soon.
To those editorial writers who say that we should "calm down the rhetoric" and only point to the Right while whackjobs like Keith Oberman and Nancy Pelosi spout off with impunity.... come on.
The old adage that Liberals act on emotion and Conservatives act on thought really comes to the surface here.  We should all be shocked and saddened by random senseless shootings in Tucson.  But to blame anyone other than a crazy sociopath is the height of irresponsible classlessness. 
Claiming that Sarah Palin is responsible for using "Crosshairs" in her campaign literature is pathetic pandering.  Politics is a contact sport, with all sorts of aggressive metaphors.  To say that these are the cause of a shooting is silly and worse.
A study of our political history will show that aggressive rhetoric has always characterized our democracy.  When the Lefty Editorials and media call for the tone down of Conservative rhetoric, they are really advocating for a facist, one thought government.  Nice try... Not on OUR WATCH.

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