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Monday, January 03, 2011

Crown Moulding Mystery Solved.

Those of you who know me best, know that of all things, I don't shy away from a woodworking challenge.  Raised panels, dovetails, miter cuts, mortise and tenon.... bring it on... I can take it.   But compound miters for crown moulding has been my Achilles Heel... until today.
Totay I stared the beast in the face... and the beast blinked first.
Granted, I took the time to think through the miter saw jig that I bought from Rockler Woodworking Supply.... and I hadn't had the patience to try the trial and error until today.   The motivation factor as that my cheat sheet method of lamination layers of squared off mouldings made from MDF was going to get too labor instensive and messy for the finished second floor of the Sundance project.  I had to find a way to use the inexpensive, pre-milled crown that I bought from Peabody Building Supply at the beginning of the project.
The trick was closely observing the crown moulding work that some journeyman carpenters had done in my kitchen three years ago.   I saw where they compensated for un-sqareness by filling gaps near the ceiling with a fine line of spackle that wasn't even noticeable.
When I replicated this techique at the first corner of the Sundance master bedroom, the mystery of a nice crown moulding compound miter joint was solved.... with significant help from the Rockler jig and accurate 45 degree settings on both sides of my Hitachi miter saw.

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