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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Astrological Forecast

Happiness is not necessarily discovering new things.  It is enjoying the things that you already have.
That is a paraphrase of my horoscope this morning.   While astrology seems illogical and silly in concept, the forecast that I read once in a while from Jonathan Cainer,, often contains a bit of thought worthy general advice.  
You're an idiot if you mould your behavior around what your horoscope tells you, but you're smart to take good advice wherever you find it.
Sometimes, to enjoy the things that you already have, you have to get analytical.  You have to look at things from different angles, and try to see how everything fits in the big picture.  You have to examine how different factors interact with the things that you have. 
Many times, a depressing situation can be defused and turned around merely by reflecting on new directions and possibilities that the situation points to.  Making lemonade from lemons so to speak.  I don't mean to sound too "New Age" but if you believe that everything happens for the ultimate good, then it makes sense to appreciate your surroundings and find enjoyment in the ride that you are currently experiencing.
I take some of this inspiration from Ryan, who has truly made the most of a situation that most of us would have defined as abysmal.  As juxtaposed that it would seem, I'm really proud of him.
Many times in my life, I've seen circumstances that appear to be insurmountable.... a financial problem with no solution, a social situation in a complete dead end.  But then people who say they can't get a job develop a full new career.... financial opportunities fall from completely unforeseen sources.  I could tell you specific instances, but you are better off filling in the blanks with your own experiences, because you know that it is true for you as well as for me.
So find your happiness today, by enjoying the things that you already have.

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