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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolved for 2011

I'm not a big party goer on New Year's Eve.   For me, this time has always been the time for quiet reflections.   What went right last year? and what went wrong?   There have been years when I've actually gone through my calendars and travel records and stuff to try to reconstruct the year.   Tonight, I'm not that ambitious.
So I guess that I'll jump right to the resolutions.
This year, I want to try to implement what I already know.
1.  Avoid being judgemental.   In most cases, there is little difference between right and wrong, good and bad.... it's just your point of view.   Go with the flow and stop judging and  labeling the circumstances of your life.

2. Avoid carbohydrates.  Lay off of the bread, pizza, potatoes and pasta.   Although it is the ultimate comfort food for me, I can feel the difference in my overall wellbeing when I avoid these foods.

3.  Get into a workout habit.  Fitness is not luxury, it is a necessity to maintain regular health.  Once again, at my age, you can feel the difference when you have been getting a burn in regularly.

4  Keep your fishing line in the water.   This has to do with business marketing everyday.   Even though we are great at operations at Nanepashemet Telecom, if we don't have the work in front of us, it doesn't matter.  So fish every day, both in areas where you have been sucessful and where you have come up short before..

5.  Don't worry about business or making money.   At this point in my career, I know that I have worth and can make the money that I need, doing the things that I know how to do.   As long as the previous resolution 4 is implemented, trust that success will follow.

6.  Actively plan time off.  There is always work to do, and it won't end unless you end it. Get on the Boat and get up to North Conway at least once a month.   Fit in a vacation.  If the President can find the time, so can I.

7.  Keep Blogging.   I couldn't be responsible for letting you Peeps try to think for yourselves.  So don't worry.... the Nanepashemet Blog will slug it through for yet another year.

So that's this set of resolutions.  Absolutely no chance that they will be implemented fully, but I'll try to stick to them as much as possible.

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