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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ready for Cherry

How the hell do you expect me to meet my goals at the Sundance building if you continue to email me and text with your pathetic inquiries into my current progress????.
I can't afford to pay attention to these annoying, persistent pleas for information.
Yet... despite these irritating contrivances, I was still able to meet all of my lofty objectives today, as we picked out and ordered the counter top granite, ripped up the vinyl as well as well nailed plywood, and prepared the kitchen floor surface to receive the Brazilian Cherry 2 1/4" hardwood.
The day ended suitably when Jim and Kathy Peabody dropped by at 5:00 PM with some Sam Adams and wine to check on the progress.
Tomorrow,  I hope to get a good portion of the cherry installed.... barring interruptions.

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