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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Powerful POTY Partner Promotion

As most of you know, this Blog monitors the goings on at the Minneapolis, Minnesota law firm of Grey, Plant, Mooty very closely.
That's because our 2010 Peep of the Year, Jeremy Johnson, has been an associate grunt there for the past few years.   Generally, my opinion of lawyers is pretty low, unless they are protecting me or mine, and I was concerned that our POTY might have surrounded himself with the wrong kind of crowd.
But GPM did the right thing recently and made the POTY a Partner.
Peeps.... I hate to have to state the obvious.... but once again we see an example of the overwhelming and undeniable power of the Nanepashemet Blog.    Here Jeremy was laboring year after year as a low rung legal grunt at a huge Minnesota law factory.   Then, with his designation of Peep of the Year, he rises to the top of the ladder in this momentous last twelve months.
Freaking Powerful POTY Promotion.
Congratulations Jeremy.  You have served your POTY year admirably and reaped the appropriate rewards.
Soon, another will receive the coveted mantle, and witness the supernatural powers that the POTY title conveys.

Jeremy said.....
Jay, thank you for the props and the free marketing.  The power of the POTY designation is undeniable.  Exhibit A:  Recent photo of me dazzling a jury.  Next year's POTY better prepare for a whole lotta snappin' necks and cashin' checks.

Excellent likeness Jeremy.
Grey, Plant, Mooty and Johnson..... has a nice ring to it.

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