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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Facebook Assholes

Facebook is such a double edged sword.
On the one hand, I've reconnected with some people who really interest me, and it's nice to see how they have grown and prospered.
On the other hand, I keep running into people who I thought were assholes before, and every time I see them post, I remember what douche bags they were and how they annoyed me.   There is one guy from my old neighborhood in particular who was a real untrustworthy backstabber.... one of those me-first,  lying, bastards who didn't give a shit about other people.
Now he is a Christian minister in the MidWest, praising Jesus, and raising money for his ministry.  I defriended him because the dichotomy seemed so hypocritical.  Everytime I see his now bald head and read his pious posts on FB, I get a nauseous grip in my stomach.
Really don't need to renew these emotions.  They were nice and buried in a dusty spot in my mind, and now, here they emerge fresh and lively as if the years had never passed.
I like to think that I have changed since my adolescent, formative years.   And the douche bags undoubtedly have changed as well.  I should give them the benefit of the doubt .... but I bet they're still assholes.

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