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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stupid Costco Run

 Remember when I told you how stupid it was to have a couple of beers at lunch on a Friday afternoon, then stop in a Costco on the way home?
And how you end up buying $300 bucks worth of bulk goods????
Like 16 sticks of salted butter, 40 packets of microwave popcorn, three pairs of boxer shorts, two gallons of margarita mix (naturally a liter of tequila... and I don't even drink tequila), and 2 lbs. each of slice provolone, cheddar and harvarti cheese.
Because when you have two beers and a scotch chaser in you, money is no object.  You can afford anything because nothing can stop you.   
But by the time you pull up in front of your house, reality sets in. 

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