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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Addiction Fix

Even though Nanepashemet Telecom is crushing it with the normal end of the year  business crunch, I've still found a way diversify our site acquisition offering with our highly touted Buyer's Brokers services.  It's important to remember that the final output of any business is not just a product, service or a sale.
It's customer satisfaction.... or dissatisfaction as the case may be.
So when I found out that some Peeps had been screwed around with in the market and needed some real estate service to purchase a home.... what choice did I have????  We had to rectify the situation... creating some satisfaction.
But the funny thing about making people happy, is that it's a two way street.  The happiness comes back to you exponentially.  To the point where it can be addictive.  Given my experience, strengths and weaknesses... the Buyer's Broker service that so many of you are asking for, is the perfect fix for me.


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