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Friday, November 26, 2010

100,000 Hit Milestone

Sometime this weekend, one of you hapless Peeps will hit this Blog for the one hundred thousandth time.  That's 100,000 occasions when you have sought the solace, knowledge, wisdom, and aggravation that flows freely from this little anchor in cyberspace.
And yet, I have not received dollar one for this immense contribution to humankind's body of knowledge.
Granted.  I've picked up a couple dozen bottles of Lagavulin, the King of Scotch.... and maybe that is compensation enough.   And for those of you who think that the Nanepashemet Blog is just a big scam so that I can score Lagavulin from you.... maybe you're on to something. 
But a bottle of the King of Scotch from time to time seems fair trade for the psychological benefit/trama that this Blog exudes to the clamoring masses.  Plus, the donors get the ultimate recognition.... automatic selection as Peeps of the Week. 
So, I think that you are really getting the better deal in this scam.

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