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Thursday, October 21, 2010

National Public Radio Lefties

National Public Radio is at it again.  Showing that their lefty leanings harbor actions of racism, sexism and heavy handedness, while they regale the  rest of the world for these shortcomings.

Witness the firing of NPR contributor Juan Williams for comments about Muslims.   He said what we all feel.... that when he sees Muslims getting onto an airline flight with him, then he gets nervous.   That doesn't mean that all Muslims are suicidal maniacs.... but the FACTS are that some have been in the recent past.  So it is natural to be wary.
The Liberals at NPR exhibit a self loathing liberal principle.... if you sense racism or sexism in yourself, then accuse everyone else of the shortcoming.  The fact is that there are far more claims of sex discrimination at NPR than at any other network.
Go Figure.
I hope we can get the government subsidy away from these phony leftist ideologues.
But I have to admit.... there are times when I listen to NPR dribble.... just to hear their elitist remarks and pseudo intellectual speaking tones.  It can be entertaining if you keep it in perspective.

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