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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Haul

Mike and I are pulling the traps this morning, and hauling out all of the gear.
Like most summers, we started out with high hopes and energy, and then life kicked in and threw us off from diligently tending the traps.
So there are quite a few lobsters that have escaped the kettle at Beverly Ave. this summer.  I'm starting to think that the fish and lobsters in Salem Sound with not see my full wrath until I can rid myself of this pesky working for a living habit.


When we got down to the harbor at 9:00 AM, there were whitecaps with a stiff breeze, so we bagged it for another day.   Which was good because I got Mike to help me pick up a stack of 16' crown moulding at the Peabody Building Supply for the Sundance Pre-School building renovation.   At 65 cents per linear foot for for 3 3/8" pre-primed crown, it is the best deal around by far.
Crown moulding can be tricky, but if I can install it tightly, it will add a ton of character to the house.

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