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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun with Johnson's

It was the cocktail party that wouldn't quit last night as the entire Johnson family came over.  That includes reigning Peep of the Year, Jeremy and his beautiful wife, Julie in from Minnesota, the gorgeous Amanda from LA and of course Dale/Buck and Trophy Wife Gail.
Grandson Will was rather smitten with Julie and kept up a constant motion.  Mike dropped in which prompted Scuba Steve to come by and even Katelyn made an appearance at the end of the evening.
Jeremy had gotten about three hours of FreshAyer with a fake tattoo on his forearm to prove some streetcred with the C.O.'s.   His "THUGLIFE"  tat in Olde English lettering was freaking hilarious, and Ryan was apparently convinced of its authenticity.   He and Ryan had a great visit, and he came back with truckload of stories and anecdotes.
Jeremy had also let his beard grow for a week so had some mild, barely discernable fuzz going on with his tattooed audacity.
I laughed so hard that I thought my stomach was going to flip.
I was thoroughly impressed that Amanda and Jeremy found the King of Scotch, Lagavulin, much to their liking and we finished the last of the bottle that Maria Rowen had bought for me in gaining the coveted Automatic Peep of the Week designation.   We also finished the Laphrogh  and the Jameson's so my liquor cabinet took a good beating.
But it was damn worth it.
I'm hoping that some of you Peeps will step up for another "Automatic" soon though.

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