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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Classless, Hostile, and Insensitive

BO came out today and said that people have a constitutional right to build a mosque on Ground Zero.
He is absolutely correct by the laws of this nation, but if allowed to stand alone, it is the statement of a pussy.
Let's face it.  The only reason that a Mosque is being planned for an area where radical Isamists scored a twisted victory is to memorialize the successful act of Radical Islam.
In the United States, we have separated church and state.   Where this has not happened in the Muslim world, it should be understood that the actions of the Muslims at Ground Zero were nationalistic as well as religious.
Obama's leadership here takes a narrow legalistic posture and negates the real reason that the Mosque is proposed.... to mock us and flip the finger at the American culture.   Mr President... protect the Constitution, but stand up and proclaim your real feelings here.   What do you feel about the gesture here to mock us, and deride us???????
Yes, the proponents of this Mosque have the right to build if they comply with zoning laws.   And I for one would allow it to happen..... but not without labeling in as a classless, hostile, and insensitive action.  It takes advantage of the liberties that this nation stands for.

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