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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Good Day

Those of you who know me best, know that I'm not a boastful person.  Don't really like to brag.  I definitely maintain a certain degree of humbleness. ..... and humility.
But when you are a Mountain of a Man like me, that isn't always easy.
Like today.... when everything in Nanepashemet Telecom went right.  I don't mean just good.  I mean "kick ass" GOOD.
Left the house at 6:00AM and got back by 3:30 PM.... a whole lot better than when I left.
I'd like to tell you about the good stuff, but then you may not understand.  This is high level stuff.  Not easily understood by laymen.... or laywomen.
Now if Sue Sue Raiche pulls off the election in Swampscott, then this will cap it pretty well.  We'll see.

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