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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Business Wisdom

After 30+ years in business, I have this wisdom to impart to you.
If ever you hear someone say to you....
"My Word is My Bond"... or...."You're part of the Family"....
Know that (A) you are being lied to, and (B) you are about to get screwed.

Tuna Lips said...

I reckon anytime someones says Ise parts of the family i oughta have the right to do some breedin' with his lady folks

Sunday Cedar Shake Shingling

Waiting for the temp to crest 30 degrees, then I'll resume the shingling job on the back of the house that I started yesterday.  There was substantial progress made yesterday and my goal is to complete the back of the garage before the US-Canada Olympic Hockey Game starts at 3:30PM. 
That gives me six solid hours of shingling.  I can almost smell the cedar now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unspeakable Question

So I'm down at Feng Wan House on Atlantic Ave. in Marblehead, picking up some Chinese take out for Joanne, Mike and Katelyn,  and I run smack into Brendt D'Orio sitting at the sushi bar with his Trophy Wife Kerry and his oldest brother Eric.
Normally, this would be a very agreeable chance meeting.
But then the unspeakable happened....
Brendt asked me why he was chosen as the Peep of the Week!!!!
You can imagine my consternation, concern... and yes ... fear, as Brendt broached the question that threatens to tear at the very fabric of the Universe.
I played it cool though.  And acted as if it was no big deal.
Then, the Irascible D'Orio offered to buy me a Mai Tai if I told him the reason.
I'm not going down for no Freaking MAI TAI!!!!
But I kept my composure, as is befitting of a Mountain of a Man, picked up my "ORDA FO NESTA" and calmly left  a highly stressful situation handled in the most proficient manner possible.

Brendt D'Orio said...


Apology Accepted Brendt.

Kerry " The Trophy Wife" D'Orio said....
That or a couple of Mai Tais. Brendt is a total Aqua Donkey...Jay on the other hand is an Aqua Stud :-) 

Bad Weather Push

With some partly cloudy skies and a few rays of sun this Saturday morning, it's time to start fix the gutter in the back of the garage, and trim out and shingle the back of the house.  My goal is to get this done now before the good weather starts so that we can devote this summer to some serious activity on the water.

Friday, February 26, 2010

POTW Week 8

You gotta love customers who ask you to go the extra mile to get everyting done on time, which you willingly do, but then they take their non-chalant, sweet ass time in getting payment out to you.
I want my stool to be right next to theirs when we do our stint in purgatory.  It'll be nice payback time.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 8th Week of 2010

Sue Sue Raiche
Lindsey Kepnes
Dawn Baldisarri
Grady Butler
David Henderson
Lou Panakio

I always let my subcontractors know what the payment situation is.  To do otherwise is just plain lowlife.

Pisc said..
You said stool.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conversation Topics.

Politics and Religion. You can always get a rise out of people sooner or later when you venture into those areas. I like it when it is fun and light hearted, but it can get out of hand quickly. You have to know when to back off.
As long as people don't feel threatened, they'll provide some fun banter, but you never know when you will hit a nerve.
So it's a risky game.

Maria Rowen said...

Anyone can hit my nerve anytime with a topic of conversation that is religious or political as long as it is provocative. Save me from the loose-lipped-lingo of boring conversation...there must be an 'App' for that. Welcome back!

Tuna Lips said...

That Mary Magdalin was one classy hoor.


I suppose I owe you an explanation for the lack of Blog posts this week.
You probably think that something really bad is happening.
Or that I'm involved in some big scheming plot and haven't had the time to contribute to this pathetic publication.
No matter what I say, you won't buy into it, so I'm not going to tell you anything.
Suffice to say that I'm back, as rough, tough, hard to bluff, and damn good looking as I ever have been.
So You'll just have to deal with it.

Jonathan Cainer said...
One person is locked in a cell. They cannot go anywhere or do anything. This person, though, has great imagination and an open mind. They are willing to learn and prepared to believe that anything is possible in the fullness of time. Another person can, within reason, do what they want, when they want. Their movements are not restricted nor are their resources too tightly limited. This person is full of opinion and prejudice. They only believe in what they can actually see. Which one is the prisoner?

Monday, February 22, 2010

North Shore WaterMan

Doug Maxwell. Peep Extraordinaire, has come out with his own blog, NorthShore Waterman, and I highly recommend that you visit it often for its thoughtful insights.  
Naturally, it doesn't rise to the level of our own Nanepashemet Blog, but then again, it's hard to reach the pathetic yet inspiring levels that this blog has attained.
Well done Doug.  May you  soon aspire to the heights of Blog superiority where Nanepashemet, and Harvey's Thoughts  now reside.  We are happy to receive you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


If you enjoy a good Gladiator yarn once in a awhile like I do, Spartacus will  hold your attention.  The series has been dragging a bit and I hope that they move into the historical reenactment of the slave revolt that the real Spartacus led.
This beats Curling, and it's way better than the Luge.

Pisc said.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

POTW Week 7

Watching the Olympics and getting a bit annoyed at the Bobsled competition.  I really like the speed skating, kind of like the nordic and alpine skiing, tolerate the figure skating, but sorry.  The Luge and the Bobsled just seems to be a bit on the stupid side. 

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the Seventh Week of 2010

Pat Piscatelli
Maria Rowen
The Sudanese Lumber Clerk at Home Depot
Brendt D'Orio
Michael "Murph" Murphy
Emily Angardia

Even Curling is better than the Luge.

Shelving Update

Both shleving units were finished by 4:15PM today and by 5 O'clock I had finished a refreshing Guinness and was mixing a Classic Winter Cocktail.
The key to the successful completion was a big break that I caught at Home Depot, when a guy with a thick accent asked me if I needed any help with the plywood.   I had just seen him aiding a customer with a cut at the panel saw, so I asked him if he could cut 4 panels into thirds at 16 inches a piece.  He said sure and then noticed that I was pulling plywood from the $33 pile and that the $25 stock was just as good.  Man... this guy saved me big time so I gave him the last ten dollar bill that I had as a tip.  He almost didn't take it.  
I asked him where he was from, and he said he came here from Sudan, 8 years ago.   What a great guy.
Then when I was struggling to get the plywood into the truck, an old guy who said he was a lobsterman from Nahant gave me a hand.
These two guys made a huge difference.  I didn't have to drag out my table saw and wrestle with ripping the plywood to size.  It was already done by the time I got back from Home Depot.
The only drawback was that they didn't have any Kreg System Screws.  This jig system is a huge time saver to make strong butt joints, so I called Gilbert and Cole in Marbleheadto see if they had the screws and picked up two boxes there.   Exactly the amount of screws that I ended up using.
So here I am.... finishing the first of a couple or three Classic Winter Cocktails, having completed a very functional shelving system for Nanepashemet Telecom.   Hope you had a good day too.

Tuna Lips said...

Hire yerself some Mexicans and git strait to the drinkin'. Jeez ahmighty, does I has to do everything round here?

Warehouse Shelving Saturday

It's 8:30 Saturday Morning.  We've already been to FreshAyer yesterday afternoon, and the grandkids aren't over this weekend, so  I've pretty much mapped out the Day with my plan to make two 4'x8' Utility shelving systems to try to organize some of the clutter in the Nanepashmet Telecom warehouse.

If you know where the warehouse is, don't think that you can be dropping by to say hello, because I'll be way too freaking busy  from 9:00AM to about 11:30 tonight.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Plywood Shelves.  Self Contained and Movable

Work Breakdown Structure  /Hours

1 Buy and transport 6 - 3/4 plywood sheets  /  1.
2 Set up Table Saw and Radial Arm  /1

3 Rip 4 Sheets into 16" wide 96 long  /1
4 Cut tops and Bottoms on radial Arm  /0.5
5 Assemble Sides and Tops with Kreg  / 1
6 Angle clamps
7 Set up Compressed Air Nailer  / 0.5
8 Nail Back Panels to sides and tops   /0.5
9 Measure and Cut internal shelves /0.5
10 Measure and Cut Spacers from leftovers / 0.5
11 Assemble Shelves and Spacers with Kreg /1
12 Transport Shelving to warehouse /0.5
13 Load Shelves /1
14 Shower and have a few Winter Cocktails / 5
Total Hours 14.5

Friday, February 19, 2010

Apology Accepted

Tiger Woods apologized to me today.
I accepted.
Not sure why he had to apologize anyway.  So what if he was wayward with his Putter.
Don't care if he is a good Buddhist.
Don't care if he divorces his wife.
Don't care if he screws 100 hot models a day.
I will only be pissed if he stops showing us what perfection with a golf club looks like.
Who cares about anything else!!  I mean, Tiger.... get over yourself.  People have their own problems.  Nobody really cares Jack about your personal issues.  So Stop acting like your hornyness is so freaking important.
I accept your apology, Tiger.  Now... Cut the shit and start swinging a club.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Business Acumen

Sometimes in business, you make money by refusing jobs.
I think I just made some money today.

Tuna Lips said...
Likes sometimes ye save yerself a penersillen shot by downin'' them last three er four tekilla shooters. Good on ye, Cooter!

Maria Rowen said...
Then sometimes...when you mix business with end up needing a shot of lime required.

Execellent exchange between the two Mega-Peeps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seal Sighting

Joanne and I saw a seal today in Marblehead Harbor down on the floats at the Boston Yacht Club.  He (or she... it's so hard to determine with seals) was just hanging around the float, then struggled to get on and lie in the snow for awhile.  Just stretching and yawning.
If I was an Eskimo, I'd have a hard time slaughtering seals.  They are just so friendly looking, and move so gracefully in the water.   I suppose if my kids were hungry, and I had a handy harpoon, I'd get over that.
I took a picture with my Blackberry, which I'll upload later.

Maria Rowen said...

How lucky for you and Joanne! According to the Native American legend of animal totems, the seal is a symbol of balance, intuition and discovery of inner voice ( Native Americans believe all animals we encounter are physical and spiritual guides enhancing our essence and existence. Next time you see a skunk, hold your nose but don’t run away...Well maybe you should run...

Lucky for the seal too.... that we weren't Eskimos.
Maria Rowen said...

Lucky for us all you weren't Mr. and Mrs. 'Beppe' Bigazzi...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Figure

I'm not going to make a big deal out of this.
But why do Men's Figure Skaters always Flame away in their outfits????  
And don't be calling me a Gay Bashing Homophobe or anything. 
Those who know me best, know that I have no problem with you based upon which side you putt from.  That's your personal business and it doesn't bother me as long as you don't make a big freaking exposition out of your preference.
I just don't see why you wouldn't wear athletic clothing in an athletic event.   The sequins and satins are a distraction.  I want to see you do a triple loop SowCow, and I'd rather see you do it in sweats or a gym suit.

Yesterday is Here

I've been spending a bit of time on Facebook lately.  Lots of contacts from long lost classmates, neighbors etc.  Tons of nostalgia.  Maybe the Internet will ultimately bend time.  Keep the past constantly in the present. 
I look at pictures of my classmates in the 1959 1st grade class of Highland School, Lynn, MA and I recognize each and every one.   Like it was yesterday and fifty years never happened.

Stupid Sexist Luge

Do you know what is even stupider than the Men's Luge????  That would be the Women's Luge.   There is a different starting point for the Women's version, so they go a little slower.
So, not only is the Luge Stupid, it is also Sexist.  Stupid, Sexist Luge.  Maybe they have a special woman's luge sled, with strategic seat padding or something.
Why shouldn't the women be allowed to hurtle themselves down the ice track as fast as the men?

Maria Rowen said...
We women don't usually need extra padding in the seat area. The rest must just be physics…you know P=F*v… and the men lugers weigh more…Where is Georgia again? *_*

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cool Dream

The other day, I was taking a nap, and dreamed that everything was good.  Everything that happened had an underlying foundation of joyfullness.  Bad things were good things in disguise.  There was no judgement, only an observation of goodness and joy in all things.   Even if I tried to think to things that annoyed or disturbed me, they all seemed to be for the good.
Then I woke up.
But I can't forget that dream.   I continue to remember a feeling of contentment and rightfulness. 
So my question is... was that dream the reality, and me sitting here Blogging to the Peeps really a dream?  Was the dream a type of Zen Satori?  Not sure.  But it was a really cool dream.

15 KM Nordic Skiing

Not that you wanted my opinion, but I agree with my son, Mike, that X-Country ski racing in the Olympics just doesn't seem like too much fun.
Maybe you have to be there.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cool Biathlon... Stupid Luge

The Luge is stupid, but the Nordic Biathlon is cool.
Cross Country skiers race around a loop and stop at a rifle station, take the 22 caliper rifle that they have been carrying on their back, and shoot at targets.  For every miss, they have to take an additional lap.
Now you have to admit that this is pretty cool..  You are skiing your ass off, then you have to get really calm and steady while you load, aim and fire your rifle.  When the competitors ski over the finish line they collapse in exhaustion.
How tiring is it when you have sat on your luge sled for less than a minute and risked your life sliding 90 mph down a mountain in an ice track?

Tuna Lips said...
yer slip is showin', Sally.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

POTW Week 6

Lots of people are taking some time off next week... it's President's Day and school vacation week.   I'm going to keep working.   No sign of my trust funds from some long lost ancestor showing up yet.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the Sixth Week of 2010
  • Maria Rowen (Automatic Lagavulin Donor)
  • Alex Watts
  • Thomas Holmes
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • Mayor Latigua of Lawrence
  • Danny Dill
If I do get the Trust funds, I will take an immediate vacation, but will probably continue Blogging.... after a while.

Ban the Luge

The Winter Olympics opened yesterday, sadly with the death of a luge sledder from the Republic of Georgia.
I like competitive sports, but I don't see how careening down a mountain track at 90mph on a two foot sled is much of a sport.  Seems crazy.
I guess most sports have an element of risk, but the ones where a mistake means death can be a bit annoying.  
If you can get the same thrill by watching a golfer nail a twenty foot putt as you can by seeing some snowboarder contort himself some fifty feet in the air.... the golf wins hands down.
Seems like anyone can be foolish enough to put themselves in peril of death.  To me, it is stupid, not good sports.
The luge has no practical application.  Name me one location of Earth where the neighborhood kids grew up with their luge sleds.   Do they have Luge Little League????   The answer is no.
How about the third man in the four man bobsled?    What the hell does he do?  Twenty feet of pushing then putting his ass on a seat and careening down an ice track.  Maybe a little strategic leaning thrown in.
This is going to be a long Winter Olympics.  I'm already pissed off, and we haven't even seen men's figure skating yet.

Lauren Rathbone, former POTY, said...
I agree, but what I dislike more is the today show this morning.

showing the crash over and over. Everytime I saw it, I wanted to throw up. And yesterday I only got a glimpse of the news with the two kids running around. So I thought the guy was from Atlanta or something. Until later in the night when watching the opening ceremonies, Jason informed me that Georgia was a country. So take my comments for what they are, because clearly according to my husband my worldly knowledge is lacking.

This going to sound sexist.... but women know shit about geography.    I knew that the Georgia reference would throw some who had no inkling of the fact that the Republic of Georgia is in a region that formerly was in the southern part of the Soviet Union.   Notation about Katelyn removed under protest.

Tuna Lips said...

yea ought to consider bannin' the sort of douche baggery pansy chatter that sprigs up like a dandylion in the sidewalk now an agin 'round here. Mountain men ain't afeared o nuttin'.

Normally, I don't print anonymous comments ... but this one seemed so wacky that I wanted you Peeps to enjoy it as much as I did.  Now, not only do I think that the Luge is Stupid, but people who like it seem pretty stupid too.

Anonymous said...
I hate these calls to ban luge. Why keep it - because people enjoy it. Two deaths in 35 years is hardly a bad statistic when you realise how many people around the world enjoy this sport. What might seem stupid to you might be other peoples passions. While we're at luge why not ban computer games, swimming, soccer, golf (which is hardly a sport - a great game, but not a sport) etc etc. Or alternativly DON'T ban anything and live and let live. It's called respect.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Torch Extinguished

Patrick Kennedy, poster boy for bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and off-the-wall stupid comments, is stepping down from Congress to pursue other directions in his life.
That's probably the most logical thing that he's done lately.
It's too bad that nobody in the bloodline is around to inherit the Kennedy legacy.  I always thought there would be someone other than Ted to pick up the torch that fell with John and Bobby.  Patrick and the others didn't seem to be up to the task.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Show Snow

I'm happy that the big snowstorm here on Boston's Northshore was a bust, but I was kind of hopeing for a snow day.   Just a little slow down.  But we'll be operating full speed today.  No rest for the weary.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sound Familiar?

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that have not wit enough to be honest.
- Poor Richard

Ice Age

For a while now, the Democrats,  spearheaded by Al Gore and endorsed by Barack Obama,  have been trying to scare us with dire warnings of the dangers of Global Warming.
And the Obama administration embraced the threat of the Swine Flu... urging us to line up for innoculations.
A bit on the Chicken Little, "The Sky is Falling" side.... don't you think?
With Federal Employees on the third day off due to record snow in Washington, it's hard not to question this Global Warming line of Bullshit.  
I believe in climate change.  The glacial boulders that have been dragged all over New England have convinced me that 12,000 short years ago, ice permanently covered this region.  The weather will naturally change, and we humans will have to adapt like our spear chucking ancestors did.   But I resent scaring people so that you can advance your egotistical, controlling agendas.
Glad the Dems weren't around during the Ice Age.  They would have been so helpless with nobody to loathe and blame.
In the meantime.... bundle up..... this cold and snow is a pain in the ass.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Momentous Occasion

Michelle Obama has decided to take on childhood obesity.
I'm not really infatuated with Michelle.  I think that she has a mean streak about her and gets a bit preachy and judgemental for my taste.  And she doesn't seem like too deep a thinker.
But, this is actually a momentous occasion.
One in three American children are overweight or obese.  Just a few generations ago, the crisis was childhood starvation and infantile death rates.  Now the crisis is the problems that too much food causes.
Talk about a pendulum swing.
Seems ironic that our first African American First Lady would have fat kids as her first priority.   I guess that statement is a huge move forward in a couple of ways.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday came off very well.  Nice visit at FreshAyer in the morning with a lot of uplifting news.
I didn't win any squares, but was happy that the Saints won, even though I like Peyton.  And I think that this keeps the Brady v Peyton debate wide open as to who is the best QB.
Plus Harvey and Lisa dropped by with Maria Rowen who came up with the first automatic of the year... you guessed it.... a bottle of the King of Scotch, Lagavulin.   Then she sang along with America the Beautiful.  If I were Tuna Lips, I would be a bit intimidated.    Maria is a hard act to follow.
Tommy O and Linda came by to watch the game to the bitter end.  I kept a low alcohol intake due to my new found respect for moderation, although I did indulge in a couple or three Classic Winter Cocktails with a taste of Lagavulin to cap off a Super Day.

Maria Rowen said...
It’s always ‘super’ to spend some time with the MoaM and the Misses. And it was a treat to meet Tommy O…of the famed ‘foul in a towel’ call from last season. In America, you just can’t beat football and friends. The only thing missing yesterday was the fumbles and the fish sticks…

Sunday, February 07, 2010

POTW Week 5

Sorry it took so long to make the Peep of the Week selections.
Sometimes I stall and sometimes it slips my mind.
Since I already reported mid week that weird stuff had been happening, I thought it prudent to hold out until the last moment.
Ran into Dave and Abby Bruett at Three Cod yesterday, before the bizarre road trip.  The Bruett's are one of my favorite families, from "My Friend Who Doesn't Want His Name Mentioned in the Blog" right down to little Caroline, the newest addition.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the Fifth Week of 2010

Meghan Bruett
Merry Tufts
Nancy Bruett
Caroline Bruett
Abby Bruett
Dave Bruett

I would have named all of the Bruett's except for the the fact that "My Friend Who Doesn't Want His Name Mentioned in the Blog" doesn't want me to mention his name.   Although Merry Tufts deserves to be in anyway.

Moderation and the Six Step Method

Many of the posts in this venerable yet pathetic Blog deal with alcohol.
  • The Classic Winter Cocktail
  • Dark and Stormies
  • Lagavulin
  • Guinness and Sam Adams
But Peeps.... Don't get me wrong...
These beverages are delicious to drink and generally lead to a mild buzz if that.  
I don't recommend that you go to bars and pound these down until you are so phucked up that you can't remember your home address.  
Then when you get someone to drive them to your home, you bring them to the wrong freaking house after climbing a long winding natural stone decorative staircase, ring the bell for about five minutes then admit that this isn't your house after all.  Since no police show up and charge you with trespassing, you mosey on down the street.
Then when you finally stagger to your house, you have no idea where the keys are and start pissing over the railing. 
Then when your irate girlfriend texts you that the key is in the mailbox and that she is not your phucking babysitter, you stagger into the house and almost cascade down the open staircase.
Then your driver finally finds the bedroom, aims you for the mattress and gets the hell out of your house.
This is something that I don't recommend.  In all seriousness, it's fine to have fun, but know your limits.
There were so many things that could have gone wrong with this drive home, and I'll be thinking twice before driving anyone again who can't remember their freaking address.

Lessons Learned.
1.  Before you haul someone out of the pub to your truck, get their address, perferably from their drivers license.
2.  Check them for their house keys and take possession of them.
3.  Only after these two steps should you guide them off of the stool and towards the door.
4.  Avoid winding staircases with precipitous drops.
5.  Prepare to be aggravated beyond all human endurance.
6.  Don't go down to the Pub in the first place and avoid this whole freaking mess.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Independent Party

The other day, someone accused me of being a Republican on Facebook.
The truth is that I'm not a registered Republican.  I'm an Independent from a working class Democratic family.
Nobody is ever totally right or wrong.  The pendulum of truth constantly swings back and forth.  But you can't be so open minded that your brains fall out.   Often times you have to take a stand.  And when that happens, I usually find myself standing on the conservative side with the Republicans.
The things that I prize most in people are genuineness and honesty.  And that's the underlying quality that I sense in Scott Brown.   Then you see the phonyness in guys like John Kerry and Patrick Kennedy who are whining about Scott seeking to start the job that the people elected him for, and you start to think that all Democrats are phoney assholes like they are.
But as an Independent, I know that not every Democrat is as big an asshole as John Kerry.

Pisc said...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Democratic party no longer exists. Today's Democrats are cowards - they will not define themselves on principles and tie policy back to them. They are ruled by emotions, and cling to the idea that might makes right. Might is in numbers, as in the number of people who can not or will not help themselves, outnumbering those of us who actually like to compete, take our ups and downs, and move on. Smart people, including Dems in name only, take their money and their mind from them. They are the weak herd. I am glad they are here. Unfortunately, they want to legislate away their stupidity, and their propensity to lose. Not possible, without screwing the rest of us, who on odds win more. They emote very well, though.

Night on the Town

At Soncies last night on Newbury Street in Boston's Back Bay, had some Lagavulins with Mountain of a Man Bobby Brown (the real one), Peter Howard and Mike "Lec" Elsier. At $17 bucks a shot, it can turn into an annoying habit, especially with those guys.  After one or three of those, Elsier and I had to go to a customer event at Jillian's.
After that, we headed back to Soncies for one more.
So this morning, I kind of feel like shit.   Which is too bad because it is a nice snowy, single digit temp morning.  Perfect Saturday to go out, find some Dems, and taunt them about global warning. 
Maybe I'll rally and go out anyway.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Tax Ditty

Ray Stevens has a new song.

Thanks to Kelly Light for letting the Peeps in on this.

Now, I'd just like to say a few words right here about taxes

I pay another man to do my taxes
On account of it's just one more deduction I can take
But the postman brought my W2 this mornin'
And this year they're claimin' a third of all I make

Now I'm just as patriotic as the next man
And you know I love that Red, White, and Blue
So I'll help to pay this risin' "cost of freedom"
But I'll be danged if I'm gonna change my point of view

Because every time the bureaucrats run out of money
Well Congress socks it to the workin' man
And I don't think it's one bit funny
When they take so much of my money
And do things with it I don't understand

I don't know why they feel they gotta squeeze us
But I'll tell you just exactly where I stand
I believe if ten percent is good enough for Jesus
Well, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam

Now, some of them folks that we've been sendin' off to Congress
Think that all they've got to do is spend and spend
But, you know, you can't run a family, much less a country,
With more money goin' out than comin' in

And that ole debt just keeps on gettin' bigger
And we're all gonna have to pay, so don't you laugh
'Cause one day soon you might just look down at your paycheck
And figure out that they done started takin' half

And every time the bureaucrats run out of money
Well Congress socks it to the workin' man
And I don't think it's one bit funny
When they take so much of my money
And do things with it I don't understand

I don't know why they feel they gotta squeeze us
But I'll tell you just exactly where I stand
I believe if ten percent is good enough for Jesus
Well, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam

I said if ten percent is good enough for Jesus
Well, it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam

Haitian Human Traffic

To those 10 "missionaries" from Idaho's Central Valley Baptist Church, who self-righteously declared it was God's will as they tried to traffic 30 Haitian orphans to the Dominican Republic even though they were counseled not to do so....
Guess What?
It wasn't God's will.  
I hope you find salvation in a Haitian cell for the next decade or so.
I hate people who use the name of God to mask their criminal actions.

Tuna Lips said...

and ise despises thems that rains recriminatin' on me fer spreadin' the heavenly providers message over the airwaves and vis this intronet. Allegatin that i am a violater of the Mann Act, claimin Ise engage in 'below market laborin'(that busload o' Mexican crashed on my property!), and speakin with a forked tongue about my missionary work across the Rio, its plain dont throw stones if you live in a glass house nonsense.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wrong Bobby Brown

A bunch of you Peeps have been asking me if the Champion Xtreme Skier, Bobby Brown, is one and the same as our own Nanepashemet,  other Mountain of a Man, Bobby Brown.
The answer is "HELL NO!"
Our Bobby Brown doesn't need no freaking skis to perform his tricks.

Freedom of Speech.

A friend of mine is all worked up because of a work reprimand that was received due to a private Facebook post. I don't blame her for being upset. 
In this country we have Freedom of Speech.
Which means you can voice your opinion and not be jailed. 
And that's it.
That doesn't mean that you can't be punished economically by losing your job, or socially by being ostracized for saying what you think.  You can say whatever you want, and can't be prosecuted for it publically.
How people treat you privately is a different matter.... even if they are dead wrong.
So, Cherish your freedom.... but use it wisely.... especially in this new information age.

Denise Kearns said...

Thank you for that ... :)

Lauren Rathbone, former POTY said...

my neighbor is a secret service agent and he was telling me he can get on any ones facebook account. I guess I am a tad niave (did I spell that right?) for not thinking that was a possibility, or maybe I have nothing to hide. But that is when his wife wants dirt on someone he can just look it up.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Weird Work Week

It's been a weird work week and we still have two days left.   Naturally you expect certain issues from the whackjobs that you have to put up with in life.   So if these psychos act up, it's no big deal.
But it seems like a lot of crazy shit is hitting the fan from a couple of extra directions.  Lots of CYA, fabrications and cover ups.  It just doesn't have to be this hard.
Naturally, being a Mountain of a Man helps to take the hits with little or no effect.  Although I will admit that a lesser person may have trouble coping with some of the unprofessional and psycho bullshit.  When the smoke clears, it always helps to have things in writing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Seems like quite a lull for news out there.
All this coverage of John Edwards fathering a kid to one of his campaign groupies while his wife is battling cancer..
I really don't care who he porks or who he impregnates.
Both he and his wife seem like assholes, but who am I to talk?
Like I said.... we're kind of in a lull.

Maria Rowen said... affront to the flag he stands in front of...White: Signifies purity and innocence Red: Signifies valor and bravery
Blue: Signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice...John Edwards: Signigies low-life, scum-sucking, sewer rat...

Tuna Lips said...
Ize can not imagine throwin' a hump into that saucer-faced bridde of his, nor go guessin' on who would. Its dissgusten. I am keen on hearin' about these other jezebelles he is pleasurin' from behind, like livestock does. Sorta ow natural, like them Frenchies says.

Land of the Free

We live in a country where you have to declare all of your income to the government. And they take a huge piece. And if you don't do it, they seize your property and incarcerate you.
That's no exaggeration.
Just wondering if this was what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Monday, February 01, 2010

All Hands on Deck

One of my old friends from Lynn English High School, Tom Holmes, used his camera magic to catch me just as my day started today.
Maybe it's  time to set sail.

Kerry D'Orio  said...
Only a mountain of a man could handle those seas! Arrr...

Budget for Legal

So I'm getting ready to prepare my taxes, and find it incredible how much money I spent last year in legal fees.  For all kinds of stuff.
But I'd do it again this year in a nanosecond.  Sorry but I can't let you screw with me, my business,  or anyone in my family.....
Since I'm getting a little along in age, I vastly prefer having my lawyers to do my fighting.    And,  I highly recommend that you  keep your hands to yourself.   So if you want to take a slap at me or mine, get out your wallet.  It's going to cost you.