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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Additional Adirondack

I hate to paint.  So I've continually invested in spray painting machines to make the job go faster.
When they work, they are awesome.   A nice even coat of varnish with no drips, and done in no time.
   But I hardly ever get them to work probably.   The cup on my gravity fed, high velocity low volume (HVLP) sprayer was welded in the spray gun with dried varnish from the last job.

So I had to break out the brush for the first coat of marine varnish on Kate's Adirondack Chair.


Naturally, the brushed finish is dripping quite a bit.  I'll wait 24 hours for it to completely dry, then spend some time sanding out the drips and streaks.
By then, the spray paint cup  will have been soaking in mineral spirits for over a day, and I should be able to twist the lid off.  Then I'll hit the chair again with a nice light spray coat with no drips or splotches.
If the weather and my schedule permit, I'll get another light sanding in after a day, then hit it with another coat of spray.
By that time, the chair will have one coat of epoxy resin and three coats of marine varnish.  If that is the smooth and blemish free finish that I am seeking, maybe the chair will be ready for delivery to Katelyn's South Boston condo by next weekend, after our Fresh Ayer run.
If not, I will repeat the process a couple more times and aim for the weekend after.
You can't rush these things.  This is a priceless work of art after all.  An original Nanepashemet piece destined for a special display when they construct the Mountain of a Man Museum someday.

Katelyn Nestor said...
Dad - it looks AMAZING! I can't wait to put it on my deck! Nice work! Can I take it back this weekend?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did anybody notice that I said that you can't rush these things?   ! The photo looks good, but there is still a sanding and a coat or two, and my workweek is a killer.  So delivery by the weekend is a big IF. ~   BTW.... do you notice the haze in the first picture, and also a ghostly bar on the garage door?  When I took the picture, none of that stuff existed.   I'm thinking that the spirit world is doing their own inspection of the handiwork.

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  1. Katelyn Nestor12:03 PM

    Dad - it looks AMAZING! I can't wait to put it on my deck! Nice work! Can I take it back this weekend?


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