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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Respite

I am still completely straight out. Nanepashemet Telecom is sizzling hot in the midst of this economic downturn.
Go figure.
To my detractors who predicted that my business would fail, ...and you know who you are, were woefully off of the mark. But I'm so God Damned busy that I can't take any satisfaction from it.
I will pick up the pace with this pathetic Blog, but not today or tomorrow.

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  1. Tuna Lips12:40 PM

    Ise recommends you tune into that American Idolatry show. The new gal they has judging things looks like she could fit a Pepperidge Farm's Summer Sausage in that gob of hers. And hooey! some little thing with perky dew drop titties shows up wearing nothin' but a swimmin' outfit and a "come to mommy smirk". I was very aroused, and eyes wide opended at her grace and comeliness. Like I says, she gave an erectifying performance, and I was all flushed faced after that. I gave that ole couch a good ride. Thanks goodness for American-style quality, knowin' a consumer's needs. This is family viewing at its finest, I tole Ms. Pudding, who was huffin' sterno in the corner between turnin' tricks - I is her business manager.


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