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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Have you noticed the commotion over Caroline Kennedy's bid to be appointed to the vacant Senate seat in New York? All sorts of debate over her "qualifications" to be a US Senator.
Seems to me that if you are a US citizen and people are either willing to appoint you or vote for you, then you meet the standard.
All you have to do is look at some of the characters in the Congress to understand that the standards of admission just can't be too complicated.
If you don't want Sweet Caroline to be appointed, why not just say so, and forego all of the bogus posturings of her qualifications.
It's easy to have grown tired of the Kennedy's. If that is your position, so be it. But in America, everybody of legal age and proper residency has the qualifications by definition.


  1. Patrick11:16 AM

    "people are willing to appoint you" ? What people? People elect candidates.

  2. Tuna Lips8:14 PM

    Missy Caroline looks like she needs a pleasurin', TL style. She married some Jew-type, its not difficult to ponder Sheckie the Kike was cpuntin how he was to screw the gentility folk at the cost of takin' Miss Carol behind the wood shed, and ravishing her proper like.

    Thems people disgust me.


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