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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Smoke Clears

OK .... politics aside. My prediction is that the economy will continue in a downward slide, as per its natural cyclical nature, the Iraq war will continue on as Obama is faced with the realities and consequences of a swift withdrawal, and tax policy won't vary all that much.
The Democrats and the liberal newsmedia will blame the Republican legacy, and the Republicans will splinter off into critical bomb tossers. Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson will continue to be transparent biased assholes.
And so it goes.
Our system of checks and balances works well despite all of the obnoxious nuances.
And for God's sake, get off of Palin. It's over... you won.... if she is so stupid, why are you so afraid of her?????
So I think the Palin bashing will continue.
The one thing that I'm very concerned about is the resolve that the Terrorists will have to test Obama. After Bush kicked the shit out of Saddam Hussein, and sent that worm, Bin Laden underground, they haven't had the balls to crawl out of their holes, but I'm nervous about their next move to see how Obama will react.

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