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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Soprano's Wrap Up

Two more episodes left. I'm thinking that Tony gets whacked.
How else can the series end?
I predict that his Shrink knocks him off in self defense when he tries to murder her for knowing too much.

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  1. Salvatore "Sally Boy" Fabiano9:59 AM

    Phil is gonna try and whack out Tony's crew, and Tony is going to have a crisis in his own family (AJ, who knows) which will require him to choose, is it the lifestyle, or is it the family that the lifestyle supports.

    Trying to place who that gargoyle-faced imp lackey of Phil's reminds me of - a complete puzzzzy when out there on his own, but when he is answering the door for the boss, he is flapping his gums, talking all kinds of smack.


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