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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

POTY Chase

Barely four months after his controversial selection, Tom McMahon proved why he is the defending Nanepashemet Peep of the Year.
Not many guys would chase the idiots that run onto Fenway during a baseball game, but Tom (in his official polo and khakis) made this Blog proud with his highly publicized and televised effort.
Annoying or Inspirational.... whatever!!!
Nice work McMahon. You have maintained the standard. That's what it takes to be a POTY!


  1. Steve Palermo1:13 PM

    One of the keys to being a runner is to have a bail fund put together prior to leaping the fence. This was a regular move in the late 80's for many a current captain of industry (read, Lynn Native). Good planning. Video is also ideal, proof being often called for when recounting the event.

    This guy looks like a homosexual running from the police through the grassy privacy of the Fens. Or maybe he is playing hard to get. . . .

    Why does Clemens get a pass for steroids? He is an A-hole with a capital A, like I spelled it.

  2. Excellent points Steve. Cogent commentary. But you're being too hard on Clemens. Baseball stopped him from having a world class career as a truck driver or furniture mover.


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