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Friday, May 04, 2007

Peeps of the Week - No Fear

I know. It's Friday morning and I still haven't posted the Peeps of the Week. I know they are due on Thursday evening and thousands of you base your whole week of pathetic hopes and aspirations on the selections. And Thursday came and went with you panting in anticipation. I know that I have hurt you.
Yes... it's a little disappointing.
Yes... it's a letdown.
Yes... I screwed up.
So you've never made a mistake before??? Then BACK OFF!!!

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week - 17 for 2007

Peter Caruso
Ed Rubbico
Brian Butler
Mike Rockett
Courtney Nestor
Janet Doyle

Nobody annoying this week because you have me on the defensive. I told you earlier in the week that there was a lot going on. Did you think I was exaggerating???
So... I'm not apologizing.
And you can stop the threatening emails also because you don't scare me.

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  1. Cameron Neeley9:30 AM

    Is the cat named after Jeremy Roenick? How about getting a cat that will finish a check and take a few wacks to own the front of the net?


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