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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Reading

I remember that Memorial Day mean't going to Union Street in Lynn to watch the parade. The highlight was always when the Scottish Bagpipers marched by.
Haven't done that for awhile.
I'm reading a book called "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick. The Pilgrims were a pretty brutal lot. There is something about that primeval time that is very attractive. It's interesting how the mix of philosophy, economics and techology converged in a mix of races and cultures. It almost seems like people are exactly the same as now, but the environment and technology dictated the cadence of life.
Once again, it is the Native American Indian culture that holds the greatest fascination for me. Although, Philbrick doesn't mention the great sachem, Nanepashemet. He is more concerned with Massasoit and his son, Metacomet, or "King Philip" as he is widely known.

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  1. Saugus Library Closed this past week. No books for the public. An educated public is so overrated, and no one really relies on the libraryexcept the type of people we don't want around. And all the muny parks going to hell? Who needs em, and the jobs that gave some a sense of purpose in their community. On the rare occassion it occurs to the moneyed to go to these places, they can not contend with the rabble, so they disperse them with water cannons like parking meters at the beach and ice time for sale rather than for free. We all should become Mormons, they have nice libraries. Like crabs through a whorehouse, Romneyism touches everything. And this poor dunce we have now is trying to stem the tide with a eye dropper.

    Blame Romney, the pompous ass who is always right but seldom does the right thing. Jesus.


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