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Monday, August 14, 2017

Reject Hate

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Lots of Liberal Heads have been exploding lately because President Trump won't condemn only the ultra right for Hate Protests.    It is not enough that he condemns all Hate groups.  He must specifically call out White Supremacists per the talking heads of the Democrat Propaganda MSM Outlets like ABC and NBC  . Apparently the Left believes that HATE is ok if it is embodied by groups like ANTIFA.

Trump is calling for the country to come together.  Again... this is anathema to the Liberal Left.

The underlying problem is that President Obama divided the country, and the Heartland of America responded by electing President Trump over a severely flawed Hillary Clinton candidate. The shocked, intolerant left cannot accept that they have been legitimately rejected for a politically incorrect President who won't pander to them.

The Left who preaches to reject Hate, practices it daily against our President Donald Trump

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Another Blog post lapse.

I've spent a lot of time on Facebook lately, ranting about the Liberally Biased Main Stream Media.

Every morning, out of habit, I watch the beginning of ABC Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos as the Anchor.  His blatant one sided and gotcha commentary on behalf of the Left is annoying and outrageous, and his sycophantic henchmen like Jonathan Karl and Matthew Dowd have zero semblance to objective journalism.

The highlight of my experience with their phoney journalism was during election night when Martha Raddatz cried with the victory of Donald Trump and the rest of the group was left groping in disbelief that their year of vilifying the candidacy of Trump came up way short.

Yet I watch them nonetheless.... just so I can disagree with them.

The Left thinks that the people are sheep... that they will believe any bullshit that is offered to them.

The Big Lie....  "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."....
is a technique that is being used by the Main Stream Media to attempt to derail the will of the people who elected President Trump.

But it is becoming increasingly apparent that the technique is not working.  The MSM says that Trump is not welcome in Europe, yet Poles chant his name and the French invite him to celebrate Bastille Day.  The MSM says that he cannot win the election and should drop out, yet he sweeps the Electoral College in dramatic fashion.   Examples abound.

The people are not sheep..... and the MSM Big Lies are not working with them.

Monday, July 03, 2017

New Life for the Tender

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It was the start of a new era for the Herreshoff Columbia Tender that I built about ten years ago.  Stripped with cedar and finished in epoxy and marine varnish, it was the subject of many compliments as I would row into Marblehead Harbor from Riverhead Beach.   

 It would have been nice to maintain the natural finish, but my experience is that the sun must eat marine varnish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... it had so deteriorated.   Keeping up with it was almost impossible.   

So when I received a Stramski Pier ring and had to bottom paint it anyway, I decided to paint the topside and interior in high gloss marine white paint

It doesn't dazzle like the bright finish did, but the natural lines of the boat are nice enough to give some design appeal, and the boat receives new life as it is tethered to a ring on the pier in Salem Harbor.

Hope it helps me catch some early morning stripers.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

A Message

"Understand yourself....  You can do so much more."

As I was typing a Facebook post today, sitting in my backyard, these words mysteriously appeared in the middle of my typing.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Being a Grandfather is my proudest accomplishment.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

American Indians and Self Loathing Liberals

I just saw a Facebook post ranting about Native American genocide.   It is indeed a tragedy, but let's look at it with a little perspective, and put a little restraint on the Political Correctness.

I admire native American Culture and named my business after a Local Native American Sachem.

 But  if the Indians had their way, they would have annihilated the Europeans.

When Europeans originally came to North America they were successfully rebuffed in Virginia and Maine. It was the European microbes that carried the day as disease decimated native populations. Then it was superior European technology (ie metals and gunpowder).   Native Americans committed their share of atrocities and would have rebuffed the Europeans if technology, microbiology and fortune had been to their advantage.

It wasn't.

I am a white man of European descent. I admire Native American Culture..... but I don't feel guilty in the least bit.  Of course, I feel sorry that atrocities occurred.... but I objectively see no one race occupying the moral high ground.   Each would have prevailed given the opportunity and fortune.

This argument caused a lot of hysteria on Facebook.   One person was insulted that I called "Native Americans" as "Indians".   Sorry.... but that has been the terminology for a shitload of years and the PC police can KMA.  Others just called me names and insulted me.   One said she was offended that I named my business after a Native American because of my views. Typical Fascist behavior.  Suppress any truth that doesn't fit your preconceived narrative.

It is possible to admire another culture, observe the facts of history for what they are, and not hate your own race and background.   It must suck to be a self loathing Liberal.

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