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Monday, January 01, 2018

2018 Resolutions

I've let this Blog go for a whole month without a post.

That is inexcusable and hasn't happened for the last ten years or so.

I didn't die or anything..... guess I just got a little too careless.

Last year, I lost thirty pounds.... just by shifting my work effort from a desk to a construction site.   Didn't plan it and didn't change my diet ........ go figure.    That was a bonus.


I 'm back with a vengeance because of all of you pathetic Peeps whining about what the MOAM 2018 New Year's Resolutions are going to be.

Naturally, last year, I failed miserably at all of my Resolutions.... except for the accidental weight loss.  But Shit Happens!   Then More Shit Happens...... and then the resolutions go to.... shit.

This year will be no different.  But that doesn't stop a Mountain of a Man like myself from pandering to the notion that maybe I can pull them off.   It could happen.

So I've spent the last ten minutes or so, carefully crafting some guidelines that I am resolved to act on in 2018.  These are them in no particular order.

1.  Eat more Macaroni and Cheese.   With plenty of butter.   Never deny your need for a heaping plate of steaming comfort with salt and pepper.

2.  Stop worrying about stuff.  The worse that can happen is that you die.... some of my best friends have died..... so if they can do it, I can too.

3.  RANT more often.... on Facebook and elsewhere.  Everytime I think I will curb this, someone thanks me for saying whatever shit I spewed at the moment.  So it is a talent that I will continue to exercise.

4.  Ride my Bike, lift weights and  row my boat more often.  Not just for exercise, but because you can always lay still when you are dead.   Might as well take advantage of the current opportunity to move.

5.  Pay more attention to my wife Joanne when she talks about the kids in her Salem School.   That stuff is more important than any of the crap that I deal with in my job.

6.  Do a bar crawl every Friday afternoon after work.   Getting the weekend started with a little buzz gives you way more perspective about things.

7.  Drink good Scotch.  That should be self explanatory.

8.  Try to live in the moment.  Which is contrary to making Resolutions right?  Stop judging what is right or is wrong.  In the end, God makes the rules, not me.... and his plan takes a long of twists and turns it seems. 

9.  Accept what fate puts in front of you and take action.   Trust intuition.... there is more at force here than science has yet discovered.

10.  Be nice to people.  Even the phucked up ones.

That's all for 2018.  Happy New Year.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving RANT

Our family's  time honored holiday tradition is to go around the dinner table prior to starting the turkey feast and individually express what we are thankful for.   It generally has been a loving and respectful exercise and we try not to piss people off with our sentiments and proclamations of thanks.  But this year, I would be remiss, untruthful and disingenuous if I did not share what I am sincerely most grateful and thankful for.....  No, I won't be Trumpeting stuff like, "I'm thankful that We are Making AMERICA great again".  And I won't be wearing my "Proud to be a Deplorable" tee shirt or anything like that.    Trump will not be rubbed in anybody's face.   However, my overwhelming sentiment of thanks this year is that our country dodged a bullet and the EVIL HILLARY is NOT OUR PRESIDENT.  And that is what I will be bringing to the table.  We'll see how the rest of the meal goes.   Happy Thanksgiving.   RANT OVER

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Search for a SAFE SPACE

The Liberal rants I see lately seem silly and contrived.

All of the cries of Racism.

All of the cries of Global Warming and Climate Catastrophe.

Contrived claims of Russian Interference in our electoral system.

The Gender Identity Movement.

I'm in my mid sixties.  Grew up as the Civil rights movement was taking shape, but still saw the vestiges of Jim Crow and segregation.  Crouched in my elementary school corridors during nuclear bomb drills during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Saw fish and wildlife all be disappear in the Boston Harbor and New England Forests.  Experienced the horror in a family when their Homosexual son died of AIDS.

Friends.... these were REAL, PHUCKING PROBLEMS!

As I meandered though the last six decades, a lot of good stuff started to materialize.

I saw Black people given a boost in our educational system.... saw the first Black Governor of Massachusetts and the first Black President of the United States.

I saw the United States stare down the Russian menace in the Cold War, with the dissolution of Communism and the USSR.

I saw Striped Bass return to Boston Harbor, Whales on Stellwagen Bank, Deer in South Boston and Turkeys in my backyard and all through New England.  Hawks stalk the skies and Coyotes prowl the ground.

I saw Openly Gay people emerge to positions of prominence in Business and Politics.

I saw REAL, TANGIBLE CHANGE and improvements in our society of my sixty odd year run.

Should we be satisfied?  Hell no.  There are always improvements to be made.

My theory about the discord among liberals today has to do with the angst and ennui that accompanies basic existence.   We all die.   In the end, this life never works out like we think it should.  So this deep ingrained insecurity needs an outlet in some.  If it is not a real problem, then one must be instituted.   So we scream "Racist" where the actual doesn't come close to the stuff that us old guys witnessed.  Improvements to the Environment are overshadowed by cries of doom and global destruction. Russian threats are created behind elections that we don't like.  And it is not enough to accept gays into society, we must embrace wholescale gender change.

It seems silly and not a little depressing that the vast improvements over the past sixty years are discarded and ignored in this contrived search for safe spaces.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Matt Damon

Senator #METOO

So our esteemed Senator Elizabeth Warren has added herself to the #metoo list of women who have endured sexual assault.  As implausible as her claim to be an American Indian is, it really waters down this effort for her to jump on this band wagon.

She is the United States Senator from Massachusetts.  That is also hard to believe.

I understand the catharsis that encapsulates the #metoo cry against sexual assault.  This must be eradicated from our culture of  "casting couches" and unwanted advances.  But phonies like Warren hitching up to this sentiment is just a bit much.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

NPR and Agony

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So I've been working on the finish carpentry at the Nanepashemet House the last few weeks and have fallen into the nasty habit of listening to National Public Radio.

The last time I stooped to tuning into NPR was when I was doing cell site permit work in New Haven, and need some stimulus to keep me sharp during the 3 1/2 hour commutes.   The obnoxious Libbie elites on NPR kept me aggravated enough to eliminate drowsiness during the long driving stretches.

Between trips to the chop saw and wielding the finish nailer,  NPR has been filing the void on the current construction job with pretentious, condescending Liberal dialog.

Lots of Russia talk, Trump bashing, and climate change laments fill most of the radio commentator. comments.   These people detest Donald Trump so badly.... it starts to get funny after a while.   The NPR Libbies are really in agony.

And naturally, the current hurricane weather pattern is clearly caused by climate change.... which is the term that they use for global warming.  Course, since the global warming data just isn't panning out, they changed the name.

But I finally heard them claim what I had anticipated for the last few days...... that the Mexican earthquake was caused by..... CLIMATE CHANGE.  Who knew?

And the underlying sentiment about climate change is that if you don't buy into the glacial melting, polar bear dying, oceans rising propaganda, then you are a DENIER.... which somehow makes you the cause of this ticking time bomb called Earth.  And since most Deniers are Conservatives, then now you have someone to blame for Hurricanes and Earthquakes.   Republicans and Trump.

It's funny.   You would think that listening to NPR all day would make some of my Conservative viewpoints edge a little bit more to the Liberal side.  But by the time I power down the radio after eight to ten hours, I am so relieved that this country had the foresight to elect Donald Trump, and that these Moonbats continue to seethe in agony.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Understand yourself....  You can do so much more.

Bobby Brown

.  Robert  Brown  Obituary

Bobby Brown passed away a few hours ago.

I'm too numb to grieve.  Too shocked.

He was one of my most loyal friends.

56 years old.  I met him 20 years ago at NextWave Telecom.  A young guy in his thirties.  Smart.  A hard worker.  Great sense of humor.  Easy to be around.  Always had my back.

We joined GTE together and headed out to California to build the CellNet network.   Bobby headed up the LA office and I was the program manager in San Francisco.  Together with Bob Wojcik in San Diego and Mike Wilbanks in San Francisco, we showed how wireless networks can be built.

Spent many great times in the Bay Area with Bobby.  Lou's Blues....  Napa Valley.... San Ramon.  New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Miami.  To many fond memories to process correctly.

To say he will be missed is not enough of a sentiment.  He leaves a huge void.
God Bless You Bobby.   Thank you for your friendship.

Robert D. "Bobby" Brown

July 12, 1961 - September 5, 2017

BROWN, Robert D. "Bobby" of Falmouth, passed away on September 5, 2017. He was 56 years old.

Beloved son of the late Charles S. Brown, Sr. and Mary Ann (Sullivan) Brown; loving brother of Michael Brown and his wife Nancy of Foxboro, Dr. Beth Latimer and her late husband Dr. Stephen of Potomac, MD, Charles S. Brown, Jr. and his wife Jean of Falmouth and Barbara Foley and her husband Brian of Foxboro; devoted uncle of Maggie and Teddy Brown, Caitlin Sweet and her husband Brandon, Jack and Charlie Latimer, Danny, Tim and Jack Foley, Sophia Brown and the late Bobby Latimer; cherished great-uncle of Juliette and Sullivan Sweet and JR Latimer.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, September 9th at 9:00am from the Gillooly Funeral Home, 126 Walpole Street (Rte. 1A), Norwood, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00am in St. Timothy's Church, 650 Nichols Street, Norwood. Interment private. Visiting hours will be held on Friday from 4:00-8:00pm in the funeral home.

Gifts may be made to Xaverian Brothers High School Scholarship Fund in Bobby's memory. XBHS, 800 Clapboardtree Street, Westwood, MA 02090.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Reject Hate

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Lots of Liberal Heads have been exploding lately because President Trump won't condemn only the ultra right for Hate Protests.    It is not enough that he condemns all Hate groups.  He must specifically call out White Supremacists per the talking heads of the Democrat Propaganda MSM Outlets like ABC and NBC  . Apparently the Left believes that HATE is ok if it is embodied by groups like ANTIFA.

Trump is calling for the country to come together.  Again... this is anathema to the Liberal Left.

The underlying problem is that President Obama divided the country, and the Heartland of America responded by electing President Trump over a severely flawed Hillary Clinton candidate. The shocked, intolerant left cannot accept that they have been legitimately rejected for a politically incorrect President who won't pander to them.

The Left who preaches to reject Hate, practices it daily against our President Donald Trump