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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Blog Lapse

Superpeep Matt Lyons reminded me that the MOAM has lapsed on this Blog for about three weeks.


Then when I tried to log in, I had a lot of trouble, putting me in somewhat of a MOAM Panic (if that is Possible).  I started to think of the possibility that the wisdom/absurdity of the Nanepashemet Blog may be lost forever.....

Holy SHIT!!!!  Can't even conceptualize the chaos that would cause.

So I am very sorry.... with no real excuses for the lapse.

Yes, Nanepashemet Telecom is in a real slow period with Carriers in a funk about network buildouts.

Yes. the Braintrust of  Nanepashemet has moved to put our resources into high end residential renovation... and have been doing a lot of physical labor lately.

And yes, the MOAM has been focusing alot on Facebook posts.... to the detriment of this pathetic blog.

But these are not excuses.

Peeps..... I have let millions, or thousands.... ok probably tens of you like Matt swing in the breeze.... hoping against Hope that this Blog will provide guidance.  I admit the atrocity of this, and will not let you down..... ever again..... until the next time.



Monday, April 03, 2017

Public Debt Trend

During the Obama Administration, the national debt increased steadily.   It is nice to see that trend has halted since Trump has taken office.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Rigging for Russians

Were the emails false?Image may contain: 1 person, text

This whole "Russia and Putin collaborated with Trump to rig the election" outrage is troubling.  My Libbie friends buy into the generalized comments made by MSM outlets like ABC News as a fait accompli.

But nobody that I have asked.... and your MOAM has asked a shitload of Peeps.... can tell me ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE of what the Russians did to make people vote against H.   They say that the Russians hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, then leaked them to WikiLeaks.

How does that influence the election?
Did they spead FAKE NEWS?

Can you give be ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE???????

My problem, as some of you Peeps might have picked up on, is that the MSM spread Fake Polls and Fake News daily against Donald Trump in an effort to derail his election.

The MSM tried to rig it, and it is there in full daily video to document it.

But the Russian investigation is going on in Congress.......
Time to dust off my old copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Watch This to Cheer UP

Needed a little Pick-me-up this morning.
Watching Liberals in utter defeat is always a good prescription for this.

Pink P Hats for PP


Abortion Factory subsidized by us with our federal tax dollars.

Maintains abortion quotas to drive their business.

Sells body parts.

Takes our tax money and donates millions to Democratic candidates who in turn vote to continue to subsidize this organization.

Can't make this stuff up.

And for my intolerant Libbie friends who like to tell me that it is okay because abortion is legal, let me remind you that owning slaves used to be legal in this country as well.    Just because it is legal doesn't make it moral.

However, I have to qualify that despite my firm opinion that abortion in close to all circumstances is immoral, my position on abortion is that I am PRO-CHOICE.

And my reasoning is this.....

The state has the legal ability to take a person's life for just cause.  It is called capital punishment.

The state has given women the legal right to enact capital punishment on the life of a fetus growing within their body.

My prayer is that this ability to enact capital punishment is only exercised in the most egregious circumstances in both cases..... the instance of the state killing a criminal, or a women killing a fetus.

Abortion for convenience is murder.  Aborting a fetus because it doesn't fit your lifestyle, or is at odds with your financial plans, or comes at a time that doesn't meet your schedule..... is MURDER.  It may be legal, but it is still MURDER.    And Planned Parenthood has office quotas to process their business of facilitating murder.

Don't tell me that women who have a legitimate need to go through with this extreme procedure do not have any alternative other  than resorting to this disgusting Planning Parenthood Liberal bastion funded with our tax dollars.

SO if you want to wear your Pink P Hat in support of PP,  go march your ass off.  That is your legal right too.  You are making your point known,,,, that you support this moral decay and the marginalization of life in our society.