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Monday, July 03, 2017

New Life for the Tender

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It was the start of a new era for the Herreshoff Columbia Tender that I built about ten years ago.  Stripped with cedar and finished in epoxy and marine varnish, it was the subject of many compliments as I would row into Marblehead Harbor from Riverhead Beach.   

 It would have been nice to maintain the natural finish, but my experience is that the sun must eat marine varnish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... it had so deteriorated.   Keeping up with it was almost impossible.   

So when I received a Stramski Pier ring and had to bottom paint it anyway, I decided to paint the topside and interior in high gloss marine white paint

It doesn't dazzle like the bright finish did, but the natural lines of the boat are nice enough to give some design appeal, and the boat receives new life as it is tethered to a ring on the pier in Salem Harbor.

Hope it helps me catch some early morning stripers.

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