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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Blog Lapse

Superpeep Matt Lyons reminded me that the MOAM has lapsed on this Blog for about three weeks.


Then when I tried to log in, I had a lot of trouble, putting me in somewhat of a MOAM Panic (if that is Possible).  I started to think of the possibility that the wisdom/absurdity of the Nanepashemet Blog may be lost forever.....

Holy SHIT!!!!  Can't even conceptualize the chaos that would cause.

So I am very sorry.... with no real excuses for the lapse.

Yes, Nanepashemet Telecom is in a real slow period with Carriers in a funk about network buildouts.

Yes. the Braintrust of  Nanepashemet has moved to put our resources into high end residential renovation... and have been doing a lot of physical labor lately.

And yes, the MOAM has been focusing alot on Facebook posts.... to the detriment of this pathetic blog.

But these are not excuses.

Peeps..... I have let millions, or thousands.... ok probably tens of you like Matt swing in the breeze.... hoping against Hope that this Blog will provide guidance.  I admit the atrocity of this, and will not let you down..... ever again..... until the next time.

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