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Thursday, March 23, 2017


My Mother-in-Law, Mary LeBlanc passed into the other dimension today.

She suffered a brain aneurysm 14 months ago, had a massive operation and fought her way back to a communicative state for many months.

Nine years ago, she was committed to a nursing home with fluid on the brain.   After a successful procedure, she made a complete recovery and enjoyed quality time with her beloved husband Joe, and her many grandchildren.

We counted her out back then, but she fought back and fooled us.

Then we counted her out 14 months ago, but she fought back and fooled us.

She ended the fight this afternoon.

Like all of us, she was no saint.  Over the years that I knew her... close to 50.... there were ups and downs in my perception of her.   But she ended the last stages of her life in a solid up.

After a long career at Lynn English High School where she was a Business Teacher and a Vice Principal, many knew her as a personable and helpful resource and she was widely accepted and loved

She enjoyed many strong relationships as a Communicant at St. Pius Church in Lynn as well as her neighbors at her apartment building on Victory Road.

But her greatest identity was being "Bam".,,, the grandmother of seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.  Her grandchildren truly loved her and developed a familial bond that was totally evident to all who witnessed it.

She was a wonderful wife to her husband Joe... the devoted "Bampy" who was such a loyal husband and life companion.

I will miss Bam.  I am glad to have shared this much of the ride with her.

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