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Friday, October 28, 2016

Weiner Roast

So Carlos Danger's Weiner is causing a bit of commotion tonight. Someone in Congress has scared the shit out of Comey for his Clinton Shill act. He didn't just "reopen" this FBI H email investigation because of a Weiner revelation. There is ironclad pressure on him. Trump has not closed the gap.... There is no gap...... He has surged ahead in the true polls indicating that a Reagan-Carter like landslide is in the making.
The Main Stream Media realizes this and will now sink H in order to salvage credibility. We will see more softball interviews with Trump and his Family in the next few days, as the MSM tries to walk this back.The MSM has thrown the kitchen sink at Trump in order to keep H in control and maintain their Establishment Order. Now that they see that they have failed through unbiased polling results and unprecedented Trump rally electorate responses, they are heading to the Trump Train station.
Against all odds, Trump is going to win this, and the MSM knows it now. MOAM could be wrong, but check back in in eleven days. I don't think so.

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