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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Power of Forgiveness

I've decided that I have to make a change for my own mental welfare.

I can no longer harbor such hostile emotions towards those of you who express your support of a disgusting racketeer who will say or do anything to keep power and guide largess to her criminal family syndicate.

I want you to know that I forgive you.

I forgive you if you don't care about using a unclassified server to launder the activities designed to sell state influence through the State Department.

I forgive you if you have no sympathy for parents of Benghazi victims who were lied to their face about a phoney video and the lack of attention to the cause of their relatives senseless deaths.

I forgive you if you don't care that a disbarred corrupt person, fined numerous times for things like Whitewater, and stealing White House furniture will potentially have another run at the stuff she couldn't lift.

I forgive you if you believe that all of the  people who ran afoul of the Syndicate and ended up having accidents or committing suicide is a coincidence.

I forgive you if you can look at a person lying right to people's faces about vast right wing conspiracies and persecuting the victims of her husband's sexual attacks.

There is a ton of other shit that I forgive you for if you continue to support such a disgusting racketeer as our President of the United States.

But I doubt if your Grandkids will forgive you.

They will be dealing with a country rife with racial hatred as jobs drain away from inner cities.
They will be drowning in incredible debt from eight more years of public spending with no conscience.
They will see their rights erode through a Supreme Court packed with self serving Planned Parenthood supporters who don't blink an eye at the murder of the unborn and only care about taking away your ability to arm yourself and defend your family against a swelling crime rate.
They will be subject to the actions of Radical Islamic Terrorists entering the country openly and freely.
They will see the demise of our nation from the most powerful country in the world to a struggling economy wary of China and Russia.

I forgive you.... because I want to live the rest of my years in peace. And I can't be aggravated by the moral and economic demise of this great country because of your support for Disgusting H.  Forgiveness is the only way.

But your Grandkids are screwed if this Disgusting Racketeer has her way with our Country in the next eight years.

You are OK with me, but maybe not so much with them.

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