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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Getting a Gun

An old friend of mine from High School, who is an articulate voice for the Liberal position (i.e. a rarity) recently put a tongue in cheek FB posting were he said he wants to get a gun and name it "Old Ironsides".

I don't know the depth of Jim's position as an anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment advocate, but I decided to take the Danvers, Massachusetts resident at his word.

If you decide to get a gun, and you are from Danvers, MASS.......

First you have to take the Massachusetts Gun Safety Class and get a certificate.  That takes an eight hour day and costs money.

Then you have to apply for a concealed weapon carry permit at the Danvers Police Department. The PD will do a detailed background check and take your fingerprints. The wait is one month minimum on this. 

Then the decision to grant the permit is at the personal discretion of the Police Chief.  in some cities and towns, this discretion means that you will have no chance to get a permit based upon the Chief's personal beliefs.  

But  if the Chief grants you your permit, it costs $200 and is mailed after a few weeks from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Then you can go to a licensed gun store. The store clerk will run an FBI check right there in the store check  before you can make a purchase. 

Then you can only purchase a weapon with a magazine "Legal in Massachusetts" capacity of seven rounds and it cannot be an automatic weapon. 

Then you can buy ammo if they have any because the Federal Department of Homeland Security massive purchases has created a shortage and many dealers cannot find ammo to sell. Good luck on that. 

Then and only then, Jim, you can call your gun "Old Ironsides" and protect your family.

Our Prez BO recently inappropriately stated at the memorial service of five slain Dallas police officers that it is easier for a kid to obtain a Glock than to find a book.

Not sure where he gets his facts (other than pulling them out of his Liberal ASS) but it's way easier to get books in Massachusetts.  As a matter of fact, you can't buy a Glock in Massachusetts.... even after going through the extensive process.

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