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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

D and H

So now we have the Race for POTUS in full focus.

A Corrupt Liar v. An Egotistical Business Icon

Libs are up in arms because Trump in his ackward, buffoon style opined that the Russians should try to see what is in Hillary's 30,000 erased emails.  They say he is guilty of Treason.

Not for Nothing, but if the deleted emails were all about Yoga Pants and Wedding Plans...... who cares if the Russians see them???

H says that nothing in those emails was government business.  They were all personal.

Unless they weren't.

And if you believe that those emails were about yoga pants, then stop by my office because I have a selection of Bridges that I can sell you for cheap money.

I agree that it is a tougher than usual choice in this POTUS election go around.   But it is a choice that you and I have to make.

Clinton's have already made millions fleecing this country.
If you don't think that they will be selling us out and lying to us about it.... well that is something that you should really work on.

Maybe it is time to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe his actions and management will not be as awkward as his rhetoric.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Liberals and Conservatives

Last night of the Democratic National Convention.

It's not just that I disagree with Liberals.....  I basically have no idea how anyone with a brain can possibly think the way they do.   It must be a distinct way that the neurons and synapses are wired.

I'm sure that they think the same way about Conservatives.

It is a wide chasm with no discernible bridges.

I trust that God made both kinds for a reason.   Damned if I can figure it out though.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bent Water and the DNC

My friend, Christos Laganos, remarked the other day that it seems like the Democrats and the Republicans have switched their positions over the last twenty years.  It used to be that the Dems were the cool guys and the GOB were odd balls.  Now the Republicans seem to have their shit together and the Democrats show up like freaking whack jobs.

Course, twenty years ago I was a Democrat and now I am close to being a declared Republican.   So maybe that is the prism that projects this view.

I can't imagine the "Lion of the Democratic Party" Ted Kennedy appearing anywhere close to being defined as a Socialist... but it's easy to see how Sanders has lured the pandering Hillary into that far Left position.


I have a couple of cans of Bent Water Pearl this evening that will last me through the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.  The theme tonight is "Unity".... so far, they have kept the obnoxious Debbie Wasserman Shultze off of the stage due to the latest email scandal, and Bernie supporters are wicked pissed that H. has rigged this election like she does everything else.

The whole Super Delegate system of the Democrats is an elitist method to rig the election and make sure that the people's choice is in line with the choice of the Party elites.... while the GOP goes with the vote of the people.    

And the media stands by and lets the corruption stand.

I don't get it.

Blessed to have Attended

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jameson and the Republicans

A nice pour of Jameson over ice, and watching the Republican National Convention is a good combination.


So far, the RNC has been very interesting with the controversial speech by Melania Trump with passages pulled from Michelle Obama's previous address, the strong appearances of the Trump offspring, the gloves off remarks by Guiliani, Christi, and Gingrich.  And of course the self centered speech by Ted  Cruz who has shown his colors and would rather have H win and appoint three Supreme Court Justices, than overcome a bruised ego.

Trump scares people.

I think it is because they see that he can stir the emotions of people and is not easily controlled.

He sees through the phoniness of the Left and will take decisive international action which scares mushy Liberals to no end.

And he is not affected by contrived narratives that are designed to deflect and subtefuge the real issues of racism, debt, and security threats that affect our country.

OK Peeps... I'm close to giving the nod to Trump..... and not just because Hilary is so disgusting.

Almost time for one more pour.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Perfect Plagiarism

PHOTO: Melania Trump speaks to the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland and Michelle Obama speaks to the Democratic National Convention in 2008 in Denver.

Melania Trump apparently copied a few lines of Michele Obama's speech last night in the talk she gave at the Republican National Convention.

The lines were not memorable,  Something about your word being your bond.... which would have been a lie anyway coming from M OB........ but Libbies are all shook up and well they should be.

The controversy has caused the media to squarely compare Melania and Michele.

Not a fair fight.

Whichever Republican speech writer pulled this off knew what he or she is doing.   Now the intelligent and well spoken Melania is front and center.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Secret to Happiness

I'm feeling generous and magnanimous this Mid-July Saturday morning.

And because this emotion is a rarity for your MOAM, I have decided to mark the occasion by giving you hapless Peeps an important lesson for attracting happiness into your life.

A lot of affirmations are really good, but way too long and I can never remember them so that I can live by their advice and solace.

The mantra that I use is a lot simpler.

This is it Peeps.  Remember it because it freaking works.

"Live in the Present. Think Good Thoughts."

Whenever I find myself spinning out to a mentally stressful state, I notice that I am not concentrating on whatever is happening in my immediate present.  I am letting my imagination soar with scenarios that have not happened.... or I am regretting things in the past that I have absolutely no control over.

If I then revert to attend to whatever my current senses are experiencing..... driving my truck, spreadsheet number crunching, blogging, cutting wood..... whatever..... the stress  diminishes.  And if I then fill the void with a positive good thought about the present situation, I actually feel at ease and a content feeling engulfs my body.

Screw you if you think I am weird.... this shit really happens.

But there is a catch.

The catch is that it is hard to maintain yourself constantly "Living in the Present, and Thinking Good Thoughts."   Your ego always kicks in to skew your thoughts with emotions geared to self preservation and self aggrandizement.

I mean, if you could constantly stay in the present and think good thoughts you would transform into a Christian Saint or Hindu Guru.   And there are not a lot of those types out there in my humble experience.

The key is to counter your negativity whenever you notice it and resolve again to "Live in the Present. Think Good Thoughts."

Try it Peeps.   It works.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Getting a Gun

An old friend of mine from High School, who is an articulate voice for the Liberal position (i.e. a rarity) recently put a tongue in cheek FB posting were he said he wants to get a gun and name it "Old Ironsides".

I don't know the depth of Jim's position as an anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment advocate, but I decided to take the Danvers, Massachusetts resident at his word.

If you decide to get a gun, and you are from Danvers, MASS.......

First you have to take the Massachusetts Gun Safety Class and get a certificate.  That takes an eight hour day and costs money.

Then you have to apply for a concealed weapon carry permit at the Danvers Police Department. The PD will do a detailed background check and take your fingerprints. The wait is one month minimum on this. 

Then the decision to grant the permit is at the personal discretion of the Police Chief.  in some cities and towns, this discretion means that you will have no chance to get a permit based upon the Chief's personal beliefs.  

But  if the Chief grants you your permit, it costs $200 and is mailed after a few weeks from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Then you can go to a licensed gun store. The store clerk will run an FBI check right there in the store check  before you can make a purchase. 

Then you can only purchase a weapon with a magazine "Legal in Massachusetts" capacity of seven rounds and it cannot be an automatic weapon. 

Then you can buy ammo if they have any because the Federal Department of Homeland Security massive purchases has created a shortage and many dealers cannot find ammo to sell. Good luck on that. 

Then and only then, Jim, you can call your gun "Old Ironsides" and protect your family.

Our Prez BO recently inappropriately stated at the memorial service of five slain Dallas police officers that it is easier for a kid to obtain a Glock than to find a book.

Not sure where he gets his facts (other than pulling them out of his Liberal ASS) but it's way easier to get books in Massachusetts.  As a matter of fact, you can't buy a Glock in Massachusetts.... even after going through the extensive process.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tufted Titmouse Tabulature

There has been a Tufted Titmouse at the feeder today, along with a number of other Titmice.

Probably not my favorite bird, but definitely my favorite Bird Name.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Say No to Chicago.


Many of you may recall that I had supported Seth Moulton as our Congressman in the 6th Essex District of Massachusetts.

Naturally, the Nanepashemet Nod secured the election for Seth.  My hope was that even with his Liberal leanings, he would not be a typical Democratic Kool Aide Drinker and would have the ability to cross the aisle and compromise with Conservatives to end Congressional gridlock.

But it seems that I may have misjudged.

  • He doesn't like Trump, which is fine, but he calls him Hitler.... a stupid, immature and bad move by Seth.
  • He not only aligns with the Evil H, but campaigns in NH for the disgusting, immoral candidate.
  • He walks out of a moment of silence on the House Floor.
  • And he joins the 2nd Amendment issue by misrepresenting assault rifles in a move that divides rather than unites us on the issue of gun control.

I'm disappointed.... but not yet willing to completely give up on the young promising leader.

He now is calling for Federal Background checks and removing the right to purchase firearms by people listed on the Federal no-fly list.

On it's face, I agree with Seth W. Moulton.

Background checks cannot be disputed, but If bureaucrats like FBI Director Comey can erase your 2nd Amendment right by simply adding you to a "no-fly" list, you better have a trustworthy system of due process to enable you to dispute and resolve your "listing" and restore your rights. People don't trust Liberals to incorporate this, and it seems to be a slippery slope for eliminating our essential right for self-protection.

Evil H has already made clear that she wants to take our handguns. And this loophole to eliminate our rights would fall right into manipulating hands like hers.

The inaccuracies that Liberals put Assault Rifle debate is a smokescreen.

Democrats have ignored instances where total gun control is in effect..... like in in Chicago where guns are banned.
But the stats by the Chicago Tribune below illustrate that this is a foolish and faulty policy in eliminating our right to self protection granted to Americans by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution

Chicago YEARLY TOTALS JAN. 1, 2016 - JULY 10, 2016 - 2,0541 shooting victims. JAN. 1, 2015 - DEC. 31, 2015 - 2,988 shooting victims.

Don't make the whole country like Chicago.

Friday, July 08, 2016

A Missed Opportunity

Once again race relations is in the news as the tragedy in Dallas unfolds.

Police apprehended a Black suspect and in an ensuing struggle, he was shot four times and died.

Some believe that the Police felt that he was trying to draw a pistol.

Others believe that he was murdered by the police brutally for no reason.

Then snipers killed five, opening fire on police in Dallas.

In the meantime, the carnage continues in Chicago where a person is shot every two hours.... living in a City where guns are outlawed.

When Obama was elected some 7 1/2 years ago, I distinctly remember the feeling that even if I did not agree with his Liberal politics, that race relations would finally cease to be an issue in this country.

Not by a long shot.  His leadership, or lack thereof, has exacerbated any improvements in this area, and we so much worse off than when he was elected.  The phrase "Black Lives Matter" has been invented during his tenure.  Such a travesty that people legitimately feel that they have to express their feelings on race in this matter.  

Obama hasn't drawn people and races together.   He has pushed them apart with a one sided ingrained ideology.

Electing the first Black President should have been a healing event.

Seems like we missed a great opportunity.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Eight Year Motto

It's Latin for "Don't Let the Bastards Get you Down."

Probably will come in handy for the next eight years or so.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Potential Waste of Time

So Hilary dodged another bullet today.   Even better than when she was under fire by Serbian Snipers.  FBI Commish Comey said that his above reproach investigation did not uncover enough to indict.   If you think that Comey is anything less than a Kool Aide Connoisseur, then you are a sadly mistaken witness to this rigged of all justice systems.   When he was dancing around the designation of the Orlando assholes as terrorists, you had to know that the Evil H would yet emerge again despicably scott free.  Then, Wild Bill's chance meeting with the Secretary of the Justice Department, talking about their grandkids for a half hour, sealed the deal.

If you can't smell the stink, then hightail it to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, because you definitely have a diminished sense of smell.

Peeps.... I know the alternative is a boorish, ego-maniac who is capping out his career by reaching out for the POTUS Gold Ring,  but at least Trump is not evil.  Being obnoxious in other situations might be enough to cast him aside.

Hillary on the other hand, is an evil manipulator, who will stoop at nothing to maintain a power base that she uses to enrich herself right in front of her sheep-like followers eyes.   She has been fined, fired and sanctioned for her dishonesty so many times that to recite the litany gets too long to believe.
Peeps.... I will hold my nose and support Trump before voting for such a morally repulsive congenital Liar.   Can you imagine eight more years of Clinton largess?  It would be such a waste of time.

Friday, July 01, 2016

A Cherished Holiday

It's Friday July 1st.  Monday is the 4th of July.
A magical weekend here in Marblehead, MA, where the birth of the United States was a hard fought ordeal with great personal sacrifices.  Men from Marblehead served prominently under General Washington at Bunker Hill, New York and Trenton, and Marblehead privateers served admirably on the seas harassing British Shipping.

The Town suffered greatly with the loss of men and commerce, and when Washington visited after the War, he remarked how worn and delapidated it looked.

He was gazing at the same Old Town structures that we see today, totally refurbished and commanding premium residential prices.  George would be impressed at the present condition of the homes that he lamented about.

We never leave the Town during the Fourth of July.   It becomes busy and crowded culminating with the Fireworks in the Harbor, and there is an undercurrent of excitement, friendliness, and basic contentment.  The sacrifice of our ancestors is the cause of of this.  I hope that in some cosmic way, they can sense that we appreciate what they did.

America was born as a tainted country.... burdened by the existence of slavery.... but with an underlying sense of the goodness that ultimately would be brought by freedom.  The economics of slavery shackled the nation.   Washington and Jefferson knew it was immoral but could not equate the way to divest of it.  Nonetheless, they extolled the virtues of Liberty, even as the hypocrisy of slavery remained.

Now it is gone.... with deep scares that still have not healed.

So it is that our country still has flaws that we must continually address,   And we differ in our view of what these flaws are, and what measures must be done to correct them.

But the beauty of our country is that we have the freedom to debate, argue, insult and cajole in the pursuit of each individual's conception of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Your MOAM is not adverse from engaging in a little insulting and cajoling from time to time.   I have my distinct ideas  of what is best for the nation.  And I feel free to try to negate those who I think are detrimental to our continuing health and prosperity.

But I cherish the fact  that I have the right, born from the blood of my ancestors, to execute my freedom to express my opinions.

Happy 4th of July Peeps.

It is a holiday that is huge in its importance to our way of life.