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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Settled Science

With all of the personal trials going on recently that is none of  your business, this MOAM has been blowing off steam on Facebook threads.... mostly about Presidential Politics.

But the thread yesterday with some Liberal Friends about the "Settled Science" of Global Warming (aka "Climate Change" to fit the narrative since it just doesn't seem to be too warm lately) was a vigorous exchange and a nice respite from ranting about the Evil H.

I truly believe in climate change.  The boulders in my backyard are clear indications that mile high glaciers recently scraped their way through the neighborhood.  But the mammoths and cave men didn't cause this, and neither do Republicans as my Libbie friends like to fret about.

And you can look at the Al Gore "documentary" as the fabricated political propaganda that it is and still be in favor of environmental  measures to keep our country healthy.

I like to fish in Boston Harbor, which was a polluted mess in my childhood a generation ago. Environmental legislation eliminated this pollution without people like John Kerry and BO telling us that the our biggest problem was melting ice caps, and that this was "Settled Science" so get in step and STFU.   A bit Fascist for my taste.

The Harbor was cleaned up and Stiped Bass returned.   So did Turkeys, Coyotes, Raptor Hawks, Deer and a host of other critters who never showed up in the neighborhood when I was a kid.  This was all due to RCRA clean up that happened without political fabrication of global doom.

Forty years ago, people were worried that the world couldn't add any additional human population.... the "Population Bomb" was the moniker.   And we were lectured that there was only a little petroleum left to go around.  Certainly not enough to last forty years.   Facts didn't bear these fears out.

Libbies like to call people who disagree with their position as "Deniers".   I am one of those.   I actually have heard of legislation filed in California to fine people who profess denial of Climate Change.   Too bad Fascism still exists.

I definitely will not last the next 40 years to show my fretting FB Lefty Friends that they were wrong, But then again.... they won't be around either.

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