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Friday, June 24, 2016

More Calf Roping and Less Bull Riding

Spent many hours in the F150 today, doing permit work in Cambridge and Boston.

Something has to be done about traffic.  It is a waste of time in your life... even if Howie Carr is on the radio.  I'm really loving that fact that BO's bromance with Cameron of the UK has hit a little snag since Cam is losing his PM job.  You think BO will put another bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office???    Me Neither.


Feeling good about the Libbies in Britain taking it on the chin.  Get England out of the EU and in charge of their own country again.   This will bleed into common sense support for Trump and border control.  Dems can feel the pendulum swing.   They had their sandbox for Obama's eight years but it's time to halt the Bullshit.  They are whining big time and doing crap like taking over the House Chambers in a failed attempt to prove the they give a shit while chowing down on pizza and Chick Fil A takeout.

Muslim refugees pouring into the West would not be doing so if someone with Balls would kick the shit out of Isis and restore the refugees into their own land.  Once the Leader of the Free World is not an Indonesian, Kenyan, Muslim sympathizing, Narcissistic Chicago Commie whose qualification to lead is skill on a teleprompter.... we can get this rodeo back on schedule...   More calf roping and less bull riding.

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